As a young lady fine and filled with lust

lust that we desire for others and lust others desire for us

there's a choice to be mad fast with haste 

and knowing this mind our lives could change faster than usain bolt sprinting a 5 meter race

Doll I know what your thinking you want it good and you want it know 

But what about when you get the love and it's only lust

Or it's love that your ready for but not 9 months later that your ready for 


Positive will you cry 

will the one you made love to disappear faster than I blink my eye 


Are you really ready for late nights and sunlight days filled with fatigue and rage

Or late nights at a rave and sunlight days filled with beach full sun rays

Its all up to you I'm just saying its worth the wait

That boy isn't worth the heartache 

Guide that inspired this poem: 



I was very pleased with this poem, aside from the grammar mistakes which can be easily fixed this is a poem that makes you think. It was a smart decision on your part to compare and contrast the two different lifestyles the person would have with the decisions they would make. And how you ended it with an attitude of "you know better than that". It's a good strong attitude, and I'm glad your poem has a balanced approach to the subject. 


Thank you for taking the time to respond and to read and I will work on correcting my grammar.

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