Make a True Difference

She is stared down as she walks through the halls.

Her only escape are the bathroom stalls.

No one is looking into her eyes.

All they see is her stomache,

and it's size.


She knows the whispers are about her.

The end of that night was all a blur.

She had too much with fun with a boy

And that bottle of liquor.

She knows the whispers are about her


Her teachers all dissappointed and begin to preach,

But wasn't sex education what they were suppose to teach?

No, it's not their fault that she made a mistake.

They used a condom, unaware that it would break.


Teachers avoid the vital conversations in sex ed,

Anything uncomfortable is left unsaid.

"Abstenence children," is the message portrayed,

"Whew, that's over!" and still they get paid.


Let's not kid ourselves,

We see that condoms and pregnancy tests dissappear from the shelves.

They know what's taking place.

It's very common and that they can't face.


Teach about STD's.

Teach about the DETAILS of STD's.

Teach about the multiple ways of protection.

Teach about the consequences.

Teach THROUGH the blank stares.

Teach to the old you.


Make your students understand.

Make them understand the pain.

Make them understand the potential financial burden.

Make them understand the potential emotional burden.

Make them WANT to be abstenence.

Make a true difference.








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