I am who I am.


I am a teacher, a nurse, I am a caregiver, I am who I am. I am a singer but not a dancer, I am a driver, a maid, I am a conselor and a cook. I am a correctional officer, I am a fixer, I am a provider. I am who I am. I am a shoulder to cry on, I am a role model, even a hero. I am a creator. In short, I am a mother. I am young, yes. I was scared, but I am braver. I was weak, but I am stronger, I was foolish, but now I am wiser. I made mistakes yes, but mistakes are meant to be learned from. I do not live with regret, I live to accept, I am graitful, and love my life as it is. I have a reason to live, a reason to take care of myself. I give older people advice instead of the other way. I watch and I learn. I feel proud to call myself a teen mom. Negative people are just flies, they annoy you but all you have to do is swat them away. I am a helper, I am a voice, I am 19 with a 10 month old and I am proud of the life I have. I am who I am, this IS who I am.

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