What if?

I know what you are all thinking

is keeping this child inside me a mistake?

What if they decide to become a murderer, a rapist like their father, a thief?

what if they are born from hate and therefore can only hate

 what if they are the next hitler, the next Hussein?


What if?


What if this child despises me for what they are?

 what if they do not love me back

what if they never learn from their father to throw a baseball

 or ride their bike with their dad

what if they hate me for not knowing half of their history


What if?


But what if my child, not even born is brilliant

what if they are the kindest person in the world

what if they are the one to discover a cure for cancer

what if they are meant to win the next nobel prize?

there is so much good left in this world, is it possible that my child could be?

What if?


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