"Don't go to that party, it's nothing but trouble" 

"Fine mother, whatever. Don't call me your daughter" 

Doors slam

The window opens as she escaped from her room

"Sorry mother, but you know there are better things to do" 

People smoking

Classmates drinking 

I hear a slurring of words

I talk to a friend and grab a drink 

Then I head to the next room

"what do you want?" 

"A bit of fun" 

"That's not what I'm for" 

Arguing turns into to playful banter

Then the clothes are on the floor 

9 months later she's all alone 

just her and her mother 

"mommy mommy, look at her she's all I've ever wanted" 

4 years later she sits at home, her daughter in her lap

"mommy mommy grandmas here" 

" I think it's time for your nap" 

" Look at you, you're 20 now with no college degree. 

You can't keep a stable job, look what you're doing to me! I'm shopping for you, shopping for her, but why can't I shop for me?! You need to change this life of yours and not just for me! You have a girl, she's your child you should be there for here. Supporting here, caring for her, and making sure she knows she's worth it" 




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