Does It Get Easier?


I feel like my life is spinning out of control

Nothing has gone the way I’ve planned

Engaged with a baby, and only 21

I stop and think, this is not how I imagined my life


I wanted to be done with college

Graduated with a degree, before my life got to this point

A doctor by trade

But thats not how it happened


My first semester at the college of my dreams

I thought my life was ruined when I found out that test was positive

I debated on the 3 options I had

But in the end, I knew that I couldn’t let go to the life that was growing inside of me


Now, I feel like I have the stress of the entire world on my shoulders

A finance, a house, bills, and a beautiful baby boy

along with college and a part-time job

Does it get easier?

I hope so.


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