Can You Imagine?

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 22:24 -- ALeeyah

Can you imagine?

Being molested at the age of 10

Being beaten by a man you you barely knew at the age os 13

Can you imagine?

Being pregnant by your step father at age of 16

Being a mother having to explain to her child that their father is their grandad

Can You Imagine?

Being a woman whos scared to love

Because those before never loved back

Can You Imagine?

Beingr a young girl im mourning of her best friend

From the violence around them 

Can You Imagine?

Being taken from your home

Brought to strange place to be used for sex

Can You Imagine?

Being a mother of two with no way to pay bills or feed her kids

Except to dance on a pole for money while men roam your body

Can You Imagine?

The fear disgust and pain in their hearts

The anger distrust confusion in their minds

If you could only imagine putting yourself in these positions

Tell me how you feel

If you could only imagine the feelings these girls and women endure

Could you say you made it through

Or would you bow down to the pressure and give up your life

If only you could imagine.


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