All These Little Boys


United States
29° 53' 35.1132" N, 90° 1' 40.7532" W

All these little boys
trying to get what you got
love, money, sex, std, durgs, and game
sad to say thats the world we live in
babies having babies not ready for the time that baby will bring
i wouldnt say you should be ashamed
you should just have a little bit more respect for the game
I'd rather live where the violence is not known
there is nobody to hold you back telling you
"girl you to lame for wanting to be that in life"
and that boy oh that boy not a man feeling on you telling you
"girl, i wanna be with you girl i love you"
but just as she knows it being played like a fool
with that seed inside her that shall be a fatherless child
Why do you live this life just
Why do we live this life?


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