My Perfect World


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It all started in the beginning.
Creating this perfect world, that has no ending!
A magnificent place with many dreams
More than what anyone has seen

A place where everything is at peace
Where there is no left over grease
On March 24, 1993, I entered this world
Took both of my parents on a big whirl

A bundle of joy in my mother’s arm
Her knowing that my little body could do no harm
She was faced with a new challenge at seventeen
A baby in her arms and she was only a teen

A single parent, my mother knew she would be
So she looked to God, and got on one knee
Begging him to help with her daughter’s every need
For she was young, and couldn’t afford her every need

But she accepted her challenge with her head up high
She knew from that moment on, she couldn’t cry
Just accepted the circumstances that she was faced
Knowing being a busted mother, would be a disgraced.

Raised in a city with so much crime
My mother wanted to keep me sheltered all the time
So graduating top ten of her high school class
Went straight to college, with each class she passed

Majoring in early childhood education
Attend every class to help with her accumulation
She wanted to teach her daughter everything she knew
Teaching her daughter what to live up to.

“I’Kira, don’t accept everything you hear!”
“Or let anyone do anything to you out of fear!”
My mom wanted me to be more than she was
Instead of falling into the street buzz

That’s when my number one goal came about
I won’t let my mom down, WITHOUT A DOUBT!
I wanted to make her proud
Being an honor student is what I vowed

But there was still something missing from my heart
A father’s love from the very start
My self-esteem started to grow low
Something my mother did not want me to undergo

She put all the blame on herself\
Enough guilt to kill oneself
She came up with a plan to cheer me up
One day handing me a queen cup

Indicating that she wanted to put me in pageants
I soon realized that I had to have this
Walking on stage with grace and poise
Doing pageants, I had no time for boys

Winning state titles all over
I felt like a lucky four leaf clover
But I was entering a stage in my world
A stage that makes want hurl

My adolescent years were rough
Trying to fit in, believing I was tough
Fighting girls and loosing focus
All my great ideas disappearing like magic, HOCUS POCUS!

Still missing my father’s love
I look for healing from the man above
Until I met a distraction
I knew I could use him for satisfaction

The star football player of his team
Oh My God ! I wanted us to be
An “item” couple is what we became
Enough love to drive anyone insane.

Until something more came out of this
I soon realize he was the one I miss
Filling the loneliness and void in my heart
I just knew that we would never part

He’s someone who understands me and listens
First guy to say “I Love You” and meant it
He showed me a different side of me
A side that brought me so much glee

He always believe in my dreams
Staying by my side even when I shout and scream
He encouraged me to take my education higher
So I wouldn’t get mixed up with drugs and liars

So I applied to college
Hoping to obtain greater knowledge
Wanting to experience things I never had before
I up and left, far from up north

Bridgeport, CT has been all I known
But I wanted to see something that wasn’t shown
A new environment, a new fresh start
Came to a point where it almost fell apart

My perfect world was being destroyed
Feelings of anger that I could not avoid
I realized I was in Alabama all alone
No one here to remind me of home

But my love had a plan to save the day
He showed up to my college with a big bouquet
Explaining that he was coming to Alabama
All why I look in disbelief standing in pajamas

College has not been the same ever since
Excelling in my scholastics with a great experience
Holding my head up high no matter what
Keeping my dreams alive and all haters shut

Maturing into a woman from a girl
Making decisions to create my own world
Like I said before, it all started in the beginning
Creating this perfect world, that has no ending



Just wanted to express myself

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