Before You

Before You

There was another
Seed that was sewn

Oh, the poor child
Whose sex was unknown

A boy or a girl
Time wouldn’t tell

According to gospel
I’m going to hell

At eighteen
Still a kid
What chance did I have
To mother a child
With a heroin addict dad

I’m shameful. I’m guilty.
I cried and I cried
That day at the hospital
When my baby died

Your brother or sister
I’ll never know
But after their death
I watched myself grow

At first it was hard
I crashed and I burned
Until I realized I’d lived
And I’d learned

I learned to forgive myself
I learned to move on
I learned to stop blaming
Others for what went wrong

I learned I could leave
I could start over new
So I went down a path
That led me to you


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