life in a letter

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Dear Precious Angel Floating Near, A Piece of Heaven Fallen on My Shoulder,   It ought to be amusing. Observing as I Trip over this clumsy life and Tread around the trials placed upon my path by
To Whom it May Concern,   I hope this letter finds you alive and well, because at least that would make one of us.  
Dear Education, Thank you for giving us the chance to know, to think, to read, to speak. Thank you for being you, for not discriminating against who can have you. I am sorry that we, the people,
Dear Mom, Dad, Sis, and Brother, And my dear beloved other, Dear the squish of soft, wet clay, And an overdue Good Day, Ukulele indie bands, Graphite smudged across my hands,
Dear brain, I miss what we used to have. Please tell me what went wrong?
Dear Friends,
Dear fri(end).   There’s a reason why friend terminates with end.   It’s not always the sharp SLASH of a knife to my throat or a slick STAB in the back;
Dear You,
dear higher education, please, consider us a mutual friend. I've been eagerly anticipating your inevitable arrival for as long as I can remember. you and I, we go way back.
Dear Mr. Kelly,   to have a community of common passions, or common complaints. either way, it is your kingdom,
To whoever may read these words,  
To Whom it May Concern,     Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this.   I know your time is limited,
I'm so lost. I swim in a hurricane of confusing thoughts and confusing people. I've learned that trust doesn't exist, that I can't trust anyone, not even myself.
Sweet Child,  
Dear Jason,   Are you sitting there thinking about her every single day While I'm sitting here completely alone just withering away? Then I should just stop hoping, if that seems to be the case
Dear Mother, Do you see me now? Sitting in front of you, smiling, seething? Mother, do you see how angry I am? Do you see the anger you gave me,
Dear System, You tried. You tried your best to squash me down A square peg into your row of round holes. You tried so hard you overlooked
                                  Dearest wanderer of sorrow,               Possessing the weakened bones which quake of agony;
  Hey! I’ve realized that You are a Venn diagram, but You would never tell me that. Hm.    
Dear Best Friend,
Dear Grandfather,   I don’t even know what to say to you. You’ve made a writer speechless. Congratulations.  
Dear Use-To-Be-Friend,   I thought we would be together until the end, But our friendship had ended in a bend.   You went one way, I went another.   I found out how toxic it was
Dear Andrew, As I walk down the crowded halls, I feel your eyes burning into me. But I turn my gaze away from yours so easily.
Dear Eating Disorder,    I loved you, with every inch of my pudgy body.     When I began to lose my mind, you told me to lose weight.    You held my life together.
Dear Failure,   You do not define me. I don’t care what you are or the power you have. The pressure you give each and every day. You may trigger fear of the future at every waking moment but
  We’ve lived in two different houses both of which we were alone    just us and no one would even know someone else
Dear User of Me,   You walk right past  not a word said. In the summer, I almost saved your soul from the wrath of a blue-haired lady. But, mama said no and held me captive.  
Dear Person,  Through my pleasant voiceAnd smile so bland,I'm desperately hoping That you might understand.
To whomever it may concern, Although it may not concern many I just want my voice to be heard I dont need a single penny   Yes I have food on my table Yes I have a roof over my head
To my 18-year-old self, I know you are scared Because it took you forever To admit to yourself That you might be gay.   I know you’re confused Because you’ve liked boys before, too
Dear pain, My regular visitor, So regular that you no longer knock, You just drop by and make a sandwich while you’re at it You’re never in a hurry, Always taking your sweet time
Dear Future Self,   What a classic line to take. This has been a long time coming. I'm sorry I made you wait. Well, what can I say. You know what I know. We are the same.
Dear Pencil Sharpener,   I once was a painter. An artist with beautiful abstract art under her name,
dear aspiring traveler, would you still want to travel the world even if you could not take a camera with you? oh, awake and seize this opportunity to see majestic Everest,
Dear Self, Why can't you get this right? Why do I slip Down one-way, two-way, three-way streets When you're at the helm of my mind?   I am unbalanced I am chaotic 
To the girl who was blue,   Blue is all you’ve ever known, all you’ve ever been.   Every memory, every decision, and every breath is coated in it.
Dear Society,   Have you already forgotten me? For seventeen years you haven’t let me be, But when I speak out you turn your back.
Title of poem: Miracle  Dear Mom and Dad,  When you first saw my eyes, I was a newborn Born at 23 weeks premature, a miracle As I grew, my parents were lyrical “Look at this baby, she is a miracle!”The doctors were doubtful, my parents were artful
Dear Mr. A, We have had good times And we have had bad You've made me happy And you've made me mad But hold on and let Tell you something thats true When you make me mad I'm not mad at you
To whom it may concern: i.e. parents, teachers, friends, and family Yes, here I am again Pockmarked with the tears of self pity And I love the scars on my face I embrace them
To My Future Self:   Do you remember me? Do you remember who I am-- Who you once were?   I keep thinking about you
To whom it may concern,   In my journey of life, I've been battling with grief, In a war where no one is defeated. When I was fourteen, Death took away my grandma.
Seeing your letters after long day’s toil, like flowers with warm ethereal glow grounded solitarily in iced soil Comfort and warmth upon me they’d bestow I held your promise so close to my heart 
Dear Me of the past, I am doing okay now, I'm glad you didn't end it all that day. I'm glad you pushed through.  You thought that boy was your home, and he burnt it down,
Dearest me,I start this letterWith you 
To the woman who has an eventful life- One of eleven kids, a crazy Roman Catholic family A woman who always had to fight Who can still play ball like no bodys business -the skill that was your ticket out (almost)
To the boy who stole my life,   They say sticks and stones may break your bones But my back still aches from the knife I never deserved because all I ever did was
Dear “Meant to Be”, I'm sorry if you're no longer in my life because I shut you out. I'm even more sorry if you're currently in my life, trying to show me some sort of affection, and thinking you’re failing.
Dear Friend You'll probably never read These words I sew. You'll probably never see All I do for you. I don't want you to. I don't want you to worry about if I'll be okay to sleep
Dear parents, I want to exaplain myself the best way I can,  but most of the time I don't have a plan.  I want to succeed, you see,  when they tell me I can't.  Is it possible to defy the odds, 
Dear Me, You gotta stay strong. Keep your dreams going. Keep your blood flowing. You'll make it I swear. You just gotta stay there. Work up your courage. 
Dear younger me, life is laid out before you don't regret a thing be kind to all share your gentle smile don't doubt yourself be trusting with others learn to forgive
Dear Bully, We haven't spoken much since middle school,  I'm sure you've noticed. Or perhaps you haven't noticed. The only thing that I am truly sure of is you used to notice me every day.
Dear Alisha,   There's so much that I could tell you, so much that I could say. So much that I could wish for, so much that I could think of every day.  
Dear Future Me,   If you are reading this letter, That means you are in your early twenties. Fresh out of college And eager to start your journey into the world.
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