To the boy who stole my life

To the boy who stole my life,


They say sticks and stones may break your bones

But my back still aches from the knife

I never deserved because all I ever did was

Love you with every bone you never broke


Sometimes I wish you had left bruises on my body, not my heart,

Because at least then I could start to realize love was never meant

To be played like poker, hiding behind the cards you dealt me

While you counted chips to cash in


You fucked with my mind after you

Fucked with my body I let you touch

Because this is what it meant to be wanted,

Or so you made me think

So when you laid with me the night before you left,

I thought, “This is it. He’s chosen.”


But you never chose me

Even though I chose you again and again

Let you break me

Let you rape me

Forgave you after each and every “mistake”

Because I thought to love meant to sacrifice

But I never should have sacrificed myself.


So to the boy who stole my life,

Thank you.


Because you were my tower

And when you crumbled I learned

Why you should never build homes of people

I laid my own foundation

I scoured the rubble for every piece of me I wanted to save

And which I would leave to ruins


You broke me,

And I rebuilt myself stronger than ever before.


To the boy who stole my life,

I’ve taken it back.

It wasn’t yours to keep.


Yours no longer,

The girl you never deserved


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