Dear Jason,


Are you sitting there thinking about her every single day

While I'm sitting here completely alone just withering away?

Then I should just stop hoping, if that seems to be the case

But you'll never see how many times I glance over at your face


Are you lying in bed imagining her and how beautiful she looks

While I'm lying on the carpet amongst papers and textbooks?

Maybe you've forgotten how you longed for me before

But now I'll just play sad songs and let tears fall on my floor


Are you standing before the audience and just wishing she were here

While I watch very carefully, your voice music in my ears?

I guess when you're without her, you're never fully whole

But maybe I should stop letting your existence crush my soul


Are you laughing on that sofa and just hoping she'll arrive

While I'm praying that she won't so that my happiness won't die?

Whenever you're around her and I look, I see you smile

And I know deep down inside my joy's gone for a while


Are you sleepless in the evenings, thinking of things that you'd do

While I'm staring at the ceiling, hopelessly in love with you?

You once told me you loved me but brushed it all away

And now I'm trying to find some reasons not to stay


Are you texting her sweet nothings like you used to do to me

While I keep having nightmares about how perfect we would be?

I'm trying every day and night to hide my broken heart

But it actually hurts sometimes whenever we're apart


Are you spending every single day just wishing she were yours

While I'm hiding the fact that when I'm with you my heart soars?

I lie in bed just breaking down over all the signs I see

Try to abandon all my hope that you'll end up with me


Were you pretending that you saw me, when all you saw was her

And led me to believe in the nothing that we were?

So I guess you can hang onto her, and now I'll really try

To find someone who loves me more; for now, this is goodbye





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