Letter of the Feeling.

Dear Future Self,


What a classic line to take.

This has been a long time coming. I'm sorry I made you wait.

Well, what can I say. You know what I know. We are the same.

I'm sure there's a few things you've forgotten, some people you left behind along the way.

I wanted to remind you. Of some things that made you who you are today.

Do you remember that feeling? We first got when we were 12. It was a sense that in ten years, we would truly start to find ourself.

Age 22. It's about two weeks away. This is our year. The year we find our way.

I'm nervous and scared. I'm not sure you remember that. I'm sure things turn out fine.

But how am I to know that? All it's ever been is a daydream. A gut instnit. A secret feeling.

Something we really can't explain. I never told anyone, until just last week. I wanted to reassure our mom.

I wanted her to know we were not yet defeat.

It's been a tough year. I guess really two.

I can't afford school anymore, I'm not even sure I really want to.

I've been wanting to drop to part time.

The burdens of working and all are the heaviest weight of mine.

But I just changed my major. And I'm finally confident we can make it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is,

Was this what we needed?

Is this change the change that made us, us?

I know I won't get a letter back.

But I'm glad you're at where you're at.



The Old You.

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