Five Years Later

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 15:03 -- Tiralis

Dear Alisha,


There's so much that I could tell you,

so much that I could say.

So much that I could wish for,

so much that I could think of every day.


My younger self yearns to tell you a secret, 

so deep, tender, and true-

that you would find your place

in a way that would help you to do

what would give you peace,

what would satisfy your deepest need,

what would help you to give of yourself

to those in agony needing a good deed. 


There's a torment of need out there-

where children suffer and mothers die

from lack of any proper care,

from a lack of being well or spry,

from obesity and from anorexia, 

from lack of any reason why.

There's a need for you, a need out there

to keep on studying, to keep on working,

to be a helper, be someone who cares.


So keep on studying and working through

all those classes and tuitions and sprees.

When you're struggling through all those exams,

take some time to simply see

those people that need you 

more than words can express,

that suffer through such agonizing pain

of which you can only guess.



Your Future Self








This poem is about: 
My community
My country



Tremendous perspective!

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