To Whomever It May Concern

To whomever it may concern,

Although it may not concern many

I just want my voice to be heard

I dont need a single penny


Yes I have food on my table

Yes I have a roof over my head

Yes I have loving parents

Yes I have a queen sized bed


But why do you assume that I'm fine?

Why do you think I haven't struggled as well?

I am a female, muslim immigrant

But on that, I never dwell


I have a smile on my face

I think your's is upside down

You say that I've had it easy

But I have been punished for being brown


I try on a headscarf only to get bullied

I take it off only to get scolded 

I change the way I dress, act, and speak

I am forced to be completely molded


People stare at me when I walk by

They accuse me of stealing from their stores

They say "get out of my country"

But this country is just as mine as it is your's


I do not need you to feel bad for me

I can do that on my own 

Just do me a favor

and never assume the unknown



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