Dear pain,

My regular visitor,

So regular that you no longer knock,

You just drop by and make a sandwich while you’re at it

You’re never in a hurry,

Always taking your sweet time

As you feed off my misery

Don’t you ever have somewhere to be?

Who introduced you to me?

I thought we always have a choice on who should stay in our lives

But I don’ remember choosing you!

Maybe you were just lonely

Looking for a friend

But friends don’t hurt each other

Friends don’t make others feel bad about themselves

They don’t make them question what they did wrong

They help each other,

Heal each other,

Build each other,

Encourage and strengthen each other

You on the other hand,

You’re just too clingy

Well, clingy isn’t all bad

But you’re like a leech

You attach yourself

And suck the life out of me

Can’t you give me a break?!

And not just me

I’m sure you’ve been ‘making friends’ all over

For a change,at least this once,

Take a vacation

Swim across nations

Making observations,

Of what you’ve done.

And why isn’t karma on your neck yet?

Maybe I should be writing a letter to her,

A letter about you

And how agonizing you’ve been

But maybe we all deserve a chance

So go make it right

Leave all you’ve been exploiting

And maybe for once you’ll have made the right choice







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Our world


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