Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

We were in it together, There was no waiver or paper to sign. No contract to agree to for a certain amount of years. There was no 5 year plan, for the good times, they keep on rolling. Not as I would think though. More so rolling right out of my life. Not much I could do, I'm not gonna handcuff all of you to me and say, “Hey,we're in this together pal!” But just sitting back and reminiscing on our time spent with each other. I can't help but feel a bit cheated? No, no, no, not cheated but sad and upset, and well a mix of emotions that are hard to explain. To be or not to be is the question that comes to my mind. Honestly, spending so much time with people and then for them to just disperse, to different locations and places and phases in life, it's slightly annoying to sit here and think, “I wish I could be with them again!”, only to know that it won't ever happen. And even when a small portion of us gets together, I am elated, ecstatic even, to be together once again, no time together seems to be enough. What hurts even more is that this feeling doesn’t seem to be reciprocated. I am alone in the longing of our former glory, or maybe I am the only one who thinks of that time as glorious. Have I romanticized the extent of all of our platonic relationships? Why don’t yall seem to care that I am not around. I know for me the very thought of the presence of my friends causes endorphins to multiply inside, the chemical reaction to our physical transactions, you’d think we’d be involved in sensual actions, but we’re not. Just a group of friends, who over time I came to love, each one individually, but when together multiplied exponentially. Yet this vibe, was never given off to me. It is apparent now, why I crave new friendships. My formers have moved on in life and it would seem I am stuck in one place. “Oh The Place You’ll Go” speaks one truth, which is why I always considered him a real one, that Dr. Seuss.  He says, “You can get all hung up/ in a prickly perch./ And your gang will fly on./ You’ll be left in a lurch.” Wooow, I’m feeling pretty lurchy right now. The rest of that book is a wonderful story, it does encourage me that at some point I will move on. Right now though, I want a blast from the past. Dear friends, where have you gone? Come back to me, if only for one day, let's relive our former glory, if only in my head. I know you guys aren’t fake friends, you guys are the realest I know. It is just a case of life moving on. And I don’t like it.


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