Here’s Looking At You, Kid



Right now you’re thinking that no one will love you again and that’s not true. It’s just that no one will love you again the same way he did. And that’s a good thing. He wasn’t good for you. You will meet so many people in your life and you life has only just begun. The people you meet may end up hurting you but don’t take it to heart because the ones who truly care will always be there. You know your strengths and you know what you’re capable of, don’t let anything hold you back. When you look in the mirror, you have to remind yourself of what you’ve been through and how you’ve gotten this far. I know it’s hard to hear, but things change and they happen for a reason. The people who have left your life, left for a reason and you clearly do not need them. They are not a part of you; they were merely an extension of you because they do not define you. You should unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back, because you are an independent woman. You’re an overcomer. You’ve gotten this far, why stop now? You’ve got to fight till the final round because your story does not end here, not today. Do not forget that you are a flower, you can bloom after the harshest of winters and under the hot summer sun, you will always find a way to blossom. The more difficult the journey, the more beautiful your petals will be and the petals you lose along the way will just be a reminder of the obstacles you overcame and they will enrich you and nurture you in the future.  

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