Dear me of the Past

Sun, 12/17/2017 - 11:16 -- Lohgann

Dear Me of the past,

I am doing okay now, I'm glad you didn't end it all that day.

I'm glad you pushed through. 

You thought that boy was your home, and he burnt it down,

and it will take a while to get over it but just know you will. 

Your relationship with your family wasn't the best, 

but it gets better. 

School, oh school. You were so concerned about being this or selling

this appearance to people that you didn't realize...

soon none of that will matter. 

Me of the past, you have a future. 

Put that knife down, walk away. 

Stop going outside to find what you need on the inside of you. 

Me of the past, there was always a future but you didn't see it. 

You were so engulfed in the now that you never realized that there could

even be you in the future. 

Me of the past there are more struggles to come.

I don't know when you will meet me of the future. 

But there will come a day over the rainbow. 

You will have to walk through the rain and pain,

to see the beauty of the future.


Me of the Future. 


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