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My life is full because what I have Came in gifts of 2 A double gift  My God gave me To make my dreams come true My God is great He blessed my life One evening in July
I am blessed  B-L-E-S-S-E-D Blessed to be free  To be able to see  to drink warm tea 
As the light hit my face I embraced it Although it was a gloomy day I was still thankful I have so much Much more than other children in 3rd world countries I have food, clothes, shelter
How now brown cow?   Do you wear your crown when they hate your brown? How now when no one is around? Do you still frown? Still feel down? Neglected? Unheard? Like your voice don’t sound?  
Share with me this moment.  As we lock hands, we take flight.  As we lock hands, we take control.  If only for this moment we share a fate.  If only for this moment we share a fate. 
We are children of God Yes! God is our Dad We are siblings of Jesus From our sins, He frees us We are loved and cared for by God
Dear me, Why do you downplay yourself so? Why is it you don't hold your self up higher? You are better than this. Your life truly matters. No one can say no if or buts about you. 
Lord, thank You for this day that I get to breathe to laugh to love to.. live what more can I say?   Can I love You for the moments when I fell apart broken torn done
I am alive. I eat, I breathe, I sleep.  Constantly checking my phone,     Facebook notifications from an ex that doesn't deserve my time,  but I give it to him anyway,  cause' I am alive. 
Blessed with the gift of freedom We’re constantly at war with an idea  The idea of being true to ourselves and to each other  I sit, looking out, seeing PEOPLE, PLACES MOMENTS
My God who has given me strength,given me courage, and given me wisdom.My weakness is no more than an imaginationwhen my God has given me all I need.   Blossoms of memories and bouquets of lovedelivered to me from loved ones.And so much gracedeliv
To the woman who loved me long before I was born, To the woman who held my heart long before it had formed, To the woman who was left sleepless from dusk until dawn, With weakness upon weakness for nine months long,
I am thankful for the rude person who steals my parking spot making me park far away I'm thankful for a car problem forcing me to walk to work Because this shows me I CAN walk.
Nostalgia has become part of my personality,  Really, I don't mind.  I dig up old memories  it's a revelation to rewind Because though my eyes are the same shade of brown they were 365 days ago 
God has given me the will and the skill to greet the day I wake up joyful He has given me a way to greet the day He helps me overcome every barrier He is my carrier This is how I greet the day
Today is the day The rest of my life begins. God has blessed me With the ability to see today. It is my day to Right my wrongs.
As the sun rises over the mountians, I too must rise. I greet the day with sleep clouded eyes, And tangled bed head. Even so, I look forward to each day.   Every day is a blessing,
At 12:49 in the morning, I am asking myself why I write. Why do I write songs? Why do I write essays? Why do I write letters to my loved ones? At 12:52, I am answering; I am allowed. I am able.
Two things I can't deal with A broken heart and a new addiction The man I loved abused my trust And at the moment I got zannies in my system I'm just a young female trying to make it  In a world where if we don't got it we're going to take it  The
Without even trying Your gaze is stripping  the fortress i've built around my heart brick by devastating brick but for some reason I don't mind for some reason  I love it
You don't know my story, you just know my name. So dont even try to play me, you can't even phase. sway me, dont even try to shake me.
All we own All we want We forget What we got   This stuff Not worth a penny It’s all loss See the reality   You can take my money Take my stuff
I'm educated I'm well off regarding money But honey What is the deal?  
Here I am happy and healthy as I should be  Thanking you for each and everyday  But back then I was lost  Too lost to find my way home  Struggling to stay strong   My whole world collapsed
to drink is good; good for the soul, though only if, you lack self control.   imagine this; picture it quick; you've drunk until you're not quite sick,  
I am blessed in many ways, God blessed me with wonderful parents, God blessed me with beautiful children,
Come up with a poem of you, they say. Who are you? What should we know? To begin with -- I am a simply intricate girl of 18, with the future on my mind and a reminiscent heart. My soul resides at home,
How can I say Im flawless  When the world tries to make me feel less How can I say I'm smart  When Im not on top of the honor roll charts The world tries to tear me down
How can I say Im flawless  When the world tries to make me feel less How can I say I'm smart  When Im not on top of the honor roll charts The world tries to tear me down
10 fingers and toes 9 months to carry
After 23 years, the eyes seen so much, trying to keep up in life, but its always in a rush. High School flew by, Undergrad did too, struggling to get by, while my bank account gave me the blues.
She's a different type of girl, under all that founation, eyeliner and blush, you may think she's an open book but oh how she keeps things at a hush!
There a poor man and his wife and children at a restaurant
Thanksgiving is a time to share A time to care A time to spend with family A time to have cheer A time for football A time for turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce For pumpkin pie and no goodbyes
Air, trees, and shelter Hair, weed, and nectar Material things versus Minor needs which will benefit the most when you breathe seems as if the consequence is not acknowledged  until someone bleeds
What do I look like in a room of others thinking, thinking out of this world? No one even notices me, I past by and I get a glance if I'm lucky I feel gold though,
Why do I feel so alone yet I steadily push people away I say what I feel at the moment yet don't mean what I say  in my heart But my world is ripping apart from everywhere and everything
The Silence Before The Storm, Flip of the coin at midfield. The brotherhood that will form, A machine man can not build. From the first whistles blow, Everyone chanting in the crowd.
Here is another poem, with meaning and rhyme,
My body awakens with a refreshing shrug, I plant my feet onto the cushioned rug,
What is it that gets me going? Get the blood rushing and my brain flowing Imagination running superspeed  Many ideas formulating future a masterpiece Inspired much by nature and others but it is I that will lead
Summer is over but not all fun is goneits time to start art projects and get them done!thinking outside of the boxits almost a way of getting H
This last year of highschool time, the best friends i've met in all my life line   On this graduation day on this last cheer, we will laugh and have fun until the sun sets here  
Bullets through the window, Betta get down quick.
towards the ground. painless frown. Towards the Sun. Contagious Jubilation.
Music is the melody to my soul It helps me stay in control Oh the bright sun takes a toll  The night sky is my song Yet it is not so long I love to write and think  It makes my heart sync
Bang, Pow, Wham Limbs hitting punching bags at all different angles. Rainbow colored belts are everywhere.
The homeless seem mistreated And neglected I went undercover to see what people would think of me living on the streets Minute after minute I would hold my cup up high asking for spare change
He looks at me with a face of bitterness and resentment
I've been called strange And maybe deranged Because my views on school aren’t the same When August rolls around-  I cheer! Hip-hip-hooray for the new school year! Oh, no, you too?
She can make cry and feel pain, remember the past and forgetting today
Four score and seven years ago This blasted class began. I have a dream that One day the learning will end. I dream of a different world, One conceived in liberty-- Or at least freedom from homework!
A guy who is afraid to express his opinion But has quite a clear vision How can he overcome this hinderance  Without seeming a bit insolent One day the answer will be found But for now he sits tied and bound
Jersey #
It's a careful process romantic even, when you pull off the wrapper of a Crispy Chicken Asiago Ranch Sandwich from the Wendy's Dollar Menu
For them It is a he, a him For me, She is Everything That i wish I could be   Her passion riveting and delightful her empathy
Being a military kid can be a real drag sometimes. You move more than the average teen. Last year I moved to and went to public school.
She is what struck my heart in the first place. She knows how to make me laugh and smile. She knows the cure for my sadness. She is all I need to uplift me in my time of need.
Math is not easy It makes me queasy The kids in my class quickly fix that Sitting in the middle of all these guys It is hard not to disguise the laughter in my eyes They crack jokes back and forth
I can fly
Smoke in mirrors, to the sick minded that's clear Clear as crystal... The thoughts of ending life with a pistol
Ripped but not running
You will see a un-lit room. Inside that room you can see someone. That person is trying to find the light switch. The person thinks they have found it.   Motivation starts to rise within this person.
Sometimes I envy those Those stick skinny creatures Some call goddesses Humans, not felines Who walk the cat walk They have two faces, But one body Click, flash, print
My astronomic family and I get around
I lived a lifeless life, I mean growing up fatherless, my daddy was super stressed, call
Blessed is the man that do not walk in the counsel of the unGody, nor stand in the way of sinners,
Everyday is a living day  As i see people come and go by For some people is tragedy  For some others is heaven Twenty-two seven, Wandering in the streets Writing my life on these sheets
When I think about it all, it really brings tears to my eyes The relief of no longer hearing my soul cry. For once, I feel as though the burdens of life have lifted and my destiny and dreams have once shifted.
I don't think birds realize how blessed they are. They are born with wings: the very instrument that so many humans crave. Yes, it is true, we have legs.
  The word of the day is confess.
Her EYES   Blue as the ocean   Peaceful as the morning breeze   And when a secret is amidst. They close slightly in curiosity, peering through my scalp, demanding to know what’s on my mind  
You have people in this world who:
Love.  It comes in many forms. The love a parent has for their child. Instant. The love a dog has for its master. Unconditional. The love a sibling has for another. Growing.
We gather around to enjoy this feast What a delight to deliver this beast As delicious and sweet enter our mouths While so much joy surrounds my house Laughter and cheer, no poppy has caused
A love is something that should cause no tears I had my share of hopeless sighs and yet I'm free of care without a cause to fear
Its better to wait... Better to wait because you keep your heart and mind safe. Its better to wait... So that your love it doesn't become tainted. Its better to wait...
Yo I'm stuck in a trance put my life in his hands..
I may not thank you everyday for the many things you provide, But I am very grateful for the blessings. In times of struggle, you have always been there. And even now, you're right by my side. You make me strong.
There's a practical truth in air The evidence is yet to be seen Yet none can deny its usage To soak in its vibrant want 'Cause none can say air needs us but we need air Its energy carved into my bones
I feel that I've been blessed
The UnderDog: What I Do, If You Were To Find Out, It Could Possibly Kill You! Only Started Out Afew Months Ago, But Now I'm Sitting Back Watching My Cash Flow. People Screaming My Name,
  Love is such a simple word However the power behind it can put a person in a whirl I can never say I knew love Nor the powers it contained
I Am Self-Discipline. Brilliance. Dedication. I Am Beautiful. Young. Emancipated. I Am Success. I Am Blessed.
Grew up with only one image in my eyes, "I will never make it". It was even worse soon as I heard that my best friend, my mother was taken.
I am so Blessed words can't cant even express.  I am Blessed, because I am able to read and write. I am Blessed, because I have been given a chance. I am Blessed, because I am taking advantage of oppurtunities.
I love you. I can’t believe that you for some crazy reason love me too. I just wanted to write this to say thank you Thank you for what you’ve done in my life And what you did on that cross.
Nothing has been more real then the life I've been blessed with Haven't needed love nor a mother to confess with  Heaven, Lord, Angels long nights I have slept with 
I was born in Maoming to the sounds of sirens and in the midst of yellow smoke, I’d imagine.   I was blessed. I could have died nine minutes into my life. Or before I took in my first polluted breath.
I see the light of day. I see my fathers face. I seen my friends today and last Friday.  I hear my moms voice. I hear the thoughts in my head. I hear my nephew playing with his toys.
I've been blessed. Parents willing to live poorly if that means an education for me. Parents willing to brush toilets if that means an education for me. Yet, you, the one with the PhD, can't provide.
Life. Wrap me up in it. Feed me it by spoon. Or drown me in it. Just, leave me to submerge. I'll be fine. Just...Let me be. Let me live.   I'm under lock and key,
Never have two words uttered hurt me more Than when I heard them say, "bless you" Words that held me more than I deserved Whispering in my ear with spurn and commune
  Chardae Prevo Septemeber 19, 2013 Innocent Heart
  I have placed this pen in a behemothic, spherical object, Where it is not required to nest in the area it was assigned to,  But it has the option to wander around, And perform what it desires.  
I write to escape, to embody myself in a world free of space and time where my pen can't keep up with my mind as I overflow with rhyme expressing my love, expressing my life.
I write to release, I write to not feel. I write to express feelings that I know are real. I write when I'm confused, I write when I'm alone, I write when there's no one but myself at home.
Why I write The externalization of my internal fight My words take flight What I convey not always a delight The emotions are real, Flashing before your eyes Masquerading in my desguise
I used to be depressed And at times I even desired death My feelings were strong and extreme It was the consequence Of trials and times That clearly took a toll on me  
I record dreams.Not because I believe they are full of meaning,But because they were something I experienced,And I don't like to forget,That which I have experienced.
Why I write is simply so when my words sprout wings and take off into my soul my mind and spirit filled with dismay writing is the ticket as I take on the soul train Why I write
I believe that in order for someone to truly develop and mature they must invest in themselves. In order to invest in themselves they must recognize what type of person he or she is
  Poetry is more than words put together in rhymes and stanzas. It’s more than a couplet Or even iambic pentameter. To me it iss utter expression.   A way to scream and shout
limit of limitations are limitless when i script dreams onto a blank page filled with ideas just awaiting to happen. The thought that no one or nothing could say that im wrong.
I realize that my voice is a litte preturbed  When did I become so disturbed  People read me like a girl on a mission  Writing was just a part of me missing    I let all go when I had my chance 
I’m blessed, So I don’t know why I worry. God has given me eternal life in heaven. I’m blessed to be alive. Blessed to have a beautiful family. So grateful to have a home,
Blessed forever, Stressed but not forever. Living to get to eternal. He’s my own the one who will Never leave me alone. He loves me Continuously blessing me Holding on to me Never let me go,
Wings churching, brilliant orange light, the unsettled monarch now leaps into flight. first one beat then two beats, then three and then four, as the king of the butterflies sets out to explore.
To think I was never Going to find you I thought That The world wasn't In our favor
Some strive to be different But I strive to be me. They say that it's easy But, some will never see. They don't know my struggle, they don't know my pain. After years of practice, patience, and pain
Six thousand years Religion is still here A god still questioned A book full of lessons The future is planned By a very great man Over time I have learned The reason I have yearned
Lets talk about Christ he is the way, he is the truth, he is the light all three in one the Holy Spirit, and the Father, and the Son so everybody i hope you listenin' if your not in Christ i know your missin'
Watching the sunset  And I began to feel empty, ... tortured and drained and even a bit of envy.  Tears well in my eyes  And I can no longer control  these emotions that have been put on hold. 
Near death experience never again do I want to encounter Foolish was I, putting our lives confronting the eyes of the Reaper.
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