He Has Blessed Me

My God who has given me strength,given me courage, and given me wisdom.My weakness is no more than an imaginationwhen my God has given me all I need.   Blossoms of memories and bouquets of lovedelivered to me from loved ones.And so much gracedelivered from above.   He who lives within me,who is the driving force of me;who compels me to try harder at everything in my lifeis he that shaped me.   For it is not by this flesh that I find courage,but by his Word which lays a strong foundation.A solid rock,which I can lean on when I am weak.   He calleth my name;he leadeth me his own way.Nothing can stop his own will,nothing can pull me from his arms.   His word I read and his name I speak,and as I learn of him I learn how I should be.He gives me wisdom, he gives me knowledge.He gives me comfort, his gives me hope.   I walk in a dark valley;I am scared on my own.But I do not have a reason to fear any evil,because he is with me; Psalm 23.   My life depends upon his name.Without him I am nothing.His word draws me close,his words show me who to be.   Kindness becomes key, although I sometimes forget.Now I know to love every person,I am much less angry from who I used to be,It is all because he has blessed me.

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