All we own

All we want

We forget

What we got


This stuff

Not worth a penny

It’s all loss

See the reality


You can take my money

Take my stuff

I won’t be lonely

I got enough


These are treasures

Only temporarily

Destroyable worry creators

This world’s cavity


Place your treasure

Not on earthly ground

Where moths can nurture 

Thieves invade your house


Store them in heaven

Where it’s indestructible

They won't get stolen

And are valuable


Your treasure is

No matter what

Where your heart is

Not what you thought


It’s not too late

To change the destination

Never stop

The revaluation


Where are you

Where should you be

What can you do

Who is in the lead


With your finances

And your success

Is God your focus

Or is he the rest


God or money

You decide

The master you obey

Controls your mind


If God is your core

Never stop pushing

you will see for sure

Faith comes with blessing


May you be blessed

Your treasure be safe

Now peacefully rest

In God’s embrace

 (From Scripture Matthew 6:19-24)

This poem is about: 
Our world


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