Letter To Me

Dear me,

Why do you downplay yourself so? Why is it you don't hold your self up higher?

You are better than this. Your life truly matters. No one can say no if or buts about you. 

You are a star Me. Look at yourself. Look at what you've achieved. No one can take that away from you.

I love you so much. But you have to do better. Don't make it harder for yourself, make it easier. I know 

I'm being hard on you. But you can only go so far to help someone, but yet they don't want to be helped

Listen to me make the right decisions.

   I know you want to go to college. Step up. Do what you can to get there. I'm here to help you whenever.

24/7 around the clock rooting for you. Use the resources, Scholarships and much more. You have a good brain

Be smart. If you can't do that and you can't think of any big words, use google. It has a vast amount of words.

Be who you want to be. I know you want to be a psychologist. Search online. Use your resources at school. Ask for help.

Me, You're brilliant. Use your gifts. I'm not writing to you again.

Be a Genius.

Yours Truly, 



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