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I used to think that being alone was a bad thing, and that you need others to have fun, But as I am getting older, I am realizing that you don't need anyone else to get things done.
I used to think that being alone was a bad thing, and that you need others to have fun, But as I am getting older, I am realizing that you don't need anyone else to get things done.
February born makes them one of a kind They’re bold, fearless and extremely truthful Often telling unpleasant truth on face than a lie They’ve great ideas, and think outside the box
It's so insane to think that we can hear one word and allow it to change our whole mood, And in many cases when you start to finally take care of yourself, people decide to tell you that you are being rude.
I know I’m beautiful. The compliments are nice…  But not new. Not meaningful. Not unique. You told me I was wearing a nice shirt-
Thoughts raced around my head Caring how people judge the way I am But the wasted energy was for me to only see The best thing to do is just be me  
it was blossom of spring a spring in my step  a beautiful flower rising up from the broken dirt   the blossoming of new  found and new born life the life of a girl who used
Unapologetically Me
What is a poem to you? Is it just words put together that happen to rhyme? Is it words that discuss your history or what is occurring in the present time? To me a poem is much more than words on a page
Heels on Makeup done  Dress on  Picture posted    I'm here  Move out of the way  I'm gonna blow your mind  I'm gonna crush this tonight   Look out world Here I come 
Our relationship reflected a love song. Full of laughter and joy. Then you did me wrong. You used me like a toy. Played with me a while then let go. We were young. And now I'm here to let you know,
She's in a new world Lonely girl, where are your parents? A new area, so familiar but never explored Adventure awaits those who seek it She's taking the next step, just as useless as before  
Wanna know how many dudes I’ve banged? well sit down take a biopsy of the inner walls of my blood pumper my blood thumper wait what do you see? oh I know little tiny letters that read “we’re sorry for the…”
Ya keep callin' Keep callin I won't answer To these lames playin' games I think they messed up
four years four years of pain, confusion, and fear four years four years of anger, sorrow, and tears four years you abused me four years you used me four years you destroyed me
A white feather fell on me as I walk to my office. Once I enter the office, I felt a kiss on my cheek. I looked back quickly and saw nothing.   I resume to work without thinking or telling that to my boss,
Today I saw the grass shake.   It was cold outside. But so was I.   I was only shaking on the inside though. I kept a cold exterior That’s what made me strong... …right?  
This past year has made me more of who I want to be I am more confident in my own skin I have become more open with people I find myself doing the things that make me a better person
I am not a poet. You are not a poet. I am a lost soul with an imagination that demands to be seen. You are a creature looking for words that fill your aching void with a sense of      belonging.  
I've never turned down a dare.  They call me fearless,  I don't tell them I cry most nights because of the unknown. I do what I want when I want.  They call me bold, 
I know now that I am not good enough for you. You want always happy and always confident, but I am rarely happy, and really confident. I found that bending to be what you want only broke me, so I'm done bending for you.
"Just A Worldly Note" Here I stand in front of you, a natural body Something that was given to me by ancestors I am unfamiliar with As I twirl these labels that give you a confidence are thrown at me sending me into a endless loop of deteriorating
When I was a young girl  Is when I first noticed My bashfulness got in the way I had so many thoughts that swirled in kalediscopes and So many dreams that were swinging high above the trees
Am I artistic?Do I fit the description?Am I sufficient?Do you fux with it?This style I'm developingDo I have talent?Why am I asking?Rhetorical questioningThe third time around
I am worthy of something better. I'll put this in bold letters. I am worthy of a motherly love, though that's something you cannot provide.
I am a kiss I am the rain the knot in my stomach when I step on stage the words I pen with my own hand and the rings on the table left behind by my half-fnished mug of peppermint tea.
I am not perfect I am not a champion I am not above the world But I am... Resilient I am strong enough to weather the storms of life I am able to overcome all that life throws my way
Free From everything I used to be                      Re-writing my history Picture by picture I’m finding me   I’m alright My hair plain brown, my face aged with time
Beauty is being kind Beauty is being lovig Beauty is being compassionate Beauty is being understanding Beauty is being true   A pure and real self is who you are
I'm not as skinny as I'm supposed to be  and don't have flawlwss skin.  My laugh is a little obnoxious, but hey this is me.  I don't cake my face with makeup  to live up to the "beauty standard"
I have flaws. I'm not as beautiful as I want to be. You can see the unsightly pimple on my chin.
Close your
How are we supposed to move beyond yesterdayWhen we are not confident in tomorrow?How can one moment you be so sure...and the next time feel borrowed?How can all the joy we found, be remembered now as sorrowed?How can time go on long enough for...
My life has never been perfect but what is perfection?   Is perfection when you're always happy
Early mornings
I am a ripple on a calm still lake i am a pimple on a perfect face i am imperfection in a perfect world i am the insecurity in a beautiful girl. but i am me never anyone else
How can I say Im flawless  When the world tries to make me feel less How can I say I'm smart  When Im not on top of the honor roll charts The world tries to tear me down
How can I say Im flawless  When the world tries to make me feel less How can I say I'm smart  When Im not on top of the honor roll charts The world tries to tear me down
You were a bird Free, fragile He was a vulture Cruel, devious You were a storm Somber, dark
It seems that all this timeThe odds have been stackedAll around and above meStabbing at what I lacked  
Have pure confidence Walk tall and strong Speak up against negativity Sing regardless; just most according to my feelings Love past blemishes and Give past pain I feel, no matter who gave it to me
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
When the term "Hearty Chuckle" comes to mind One might think of a large lumberjack eating a pork rind
Although you can clearly see my physical beauty; well most you…..some of you might. But real gentlemen say my best features and sensational beauty is out of sight!
I am strong independent, and willing. I  have so many good things about me that make me "flawless" but   but im not flawless.
"You're so rough, The way you speak, The way you hold yourself."   I am not soft and sweet, lipgloss and gossamer, lace and vanilla.   No, I am not.  
A woman so amazing, Perfect in every way, With such a beautiful smile, That can lighten up any man
It's not in the way that her hair shines on a bright sunny day It's not in the way her body curves or even how much she weighs And it's not in the way she dresses herself Or even the the things she may say
                                                                                                                         My skin complexion you may hate  
Adrenalized optimist, exhausted of strivingThrive to exist, fire lit survivingBecause working my light dim waists meThese Ray-Bans I’m behind don’t say embrace me
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
I never feel rushed Or pushed
Who defines beauty? And where did they get their degree? Why is it that the "perfect body" evolves with each new, passing trend? Is it a deeply rooted, primal need to fit in? 
I am flawless. I am so could say that I am lawless. My feet sweep the streets and keep the people who act aweless. From being in my presence.
I run this, yes G-town. No don't be scared cause you see this crown. I'm bossed up with confiedence. So intelligent, you look pass my radiance. I'm so knowlegeable, it'll make you feel dumb
My flaws make me flawless My failures push me to suceed The struggles I endure The long nights I sat and watched my wrist bleed All my flaws pushed me to proceed On to something better
Don't hide beneath the make-up, embrace the beauty that is natural. The bumps arising that I pop, creating all these dark spots.
I don’t bow down I stand up straight and proud Some say it’s an ego Some call me a diva Ring the alarm because I don’t care if what I will please ya I’m a girl on a mission Girl with a mind
I am not perfect but flawless, yes. I can quilt a blanket and endure much stress. I am a woman with muscle on her bones. I am the queen of many thrones. I smile and yet I hide my pain.
My hair my nails my tan? All rockin'! But how might you ask is my body not shockin'?
Why am I kickass?  My grades are quite high, for me the girls would die, I've got luscious brown hair,  when you're older you'll care, I jump high for my heighth also, I'm white.
I think I am beautiful, In a different sort of way. I always keep them laughing, And they just want me to stay. My face is something of my own, One alike you'll never see.
Freak by: Sophia vazquez They call me a freak Every word against me, my anger rises to the peak.
I am strong
The beauty of love, Is that it cannot be sought, It cannot be tracked, It can only be found, Sometimes in the most unlikely of places
I'm no Barbie.But I Thought I Should be.Compared myselfTo girls of the Barbie standard.Hurt myselfThinking all about'perfection'.
This is my peom about how I feel, I never realized how hard itd be to peel, back all the visual standards to better reveal. My inner desires, thoughts turning my wheel. Well here I am, and this is what I'll say,  
Im not afraid to show it, I dont care if people know it. I love myself. Ive taught myself to think it, I live, breathe, drink it. I love myself. Mirrors use to make me cry, now I dont even have to try. I love myself.
Dear Artists,   We all have 3 common grounds of expressions   I. One common idea to keep our feets grounded while the rest of our heads wandering in the universe Because we artists are the universe
Why does the wind blow on the other side? Feeling as if I'm trapped in my own of forgetfullness
Writing you this poem reflects my lovemakes you doubt, it’s hard to concealAccused to things that’s hard to dealso please erase the doubts above. Trust is like freeing a dove
Why So Much Hate?   Why so much hate? With the shoes he wear The pants he loves The shirt he adore for  
Why So Much Hate?   Why so much hate? With the shoes he wear The pants he loves The shirt he adore for  
When you read my words maybe you’ll feel my happiness and you’ll remember the night when we talked for hours with no curfew to stop us. It was lovely, but you weren’t really there. -
It can be hard to stop and think about the man behind the curtain.the one thats truly hurtingThe one thats not deservingYou can never be confident with the one behind the curtain.
When life begins  And we start to look for who we are in the world we create ourselves this distorted image of perfection that society created for us   
Did you ever really care Or I am an element forgotten like air. Did you ever claim me as yours
Today I fight my inner demons. I stand tall and strong, and face up to them. I look them in the eye, and say clear, concise, and confidently, "You can't control me."
Let's introduce the world to a very sexy girl,  who lights the room up and likes to start a ruckus.
   I stand in front of this mirrorI rub my eyes to try and see clearerI stare at this reflection
Elementary school, When's nap time? Is it my turn to bring snack? Yayyyy, I can see my friends! Recess time! It's Friday, no homework!
Be Yourself There’s only one thing I can tell you, Sis— Be yourself. But be yourself in Christ. You are a temple, a glorious dwelling,
When I'm on my poetry flow You should already know I come five times harder Than the rhymers that show Nothing more Than a few love words My lyrical ability is more complicated than two love birds
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