"Just A Worldly Note

"Just A Worldly Note" Here I stand in front of you, a natural body Something that was given to me by ancestors I am unfamiliar with As I twirl these labels that give you a confidence are thrown at me sending me into a endless loop of deteriorating thoughts Where did you attain such a derogatory attitude towards a life I am proud of? Tell me why you implant these rules that allow you to chastise me "Go for a look that is natural, but doesn't make you look fake" I am not enough for you in anyway, these forlorn shadows look at me with disdain Take a glance around you, and then back at me Do my eyes not tell a different story then your ugly words? I am a human as well  Maybe it seems like in life you may judge as you desire to But I would rather betray the world than the world betray me For I am figuring out life like many I put my foot down and will say "Fuck you society, I am my own person. I will not be screwed over by you"

This poem is about: 
Our world


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