Beautifully Just Me


The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed

There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become

The crazy twirl that destincts

Who she is


The girl I was years ago is gone

Perhaps she grew to see the truth

It isn't me, the girl you want

She is no longer me

She is no longer young, no longer seen

Don't think that I'm bitter

Don't think I'm mean

I'm not selfish, conceided or anything inbetween

I'm a stranger in your world

You don't know me, don't know my strengths

You don't know me, don't know my weaknesses

You know my name

You know my name

I'm more than my name, shame on you for beneathing me


Soon I will be gone, off to start on my own

Too bad you won't be part, too bad you won't even know


I lost it months ago

But you would never know

Only judging based off what you hear or see

Like a stain on a shirt, you left your mark on me


I have guided myself through this world of blue

To march on longer I had to be smarter

Girls get lost

They get caught up along the way

Girls get lost

They turn their backs on eachother

Why do we live in a world where we attack 

Just because I am white or black

I am not like you, I have my own dreams

I am not like you, I want to wear my own things

Trying to shape us into clones

Looks are most important 

But none of us look the same

Skin, hair and facial features make a unique terrain

But why do you change your look or alter to be like her?

We learn to be insecure

Not who we are bursting to be

I will not give you the power

I am not looking to be like you or her

I am different

I am not the girl that you usually see

Call me an over-acheiver, call me fat

Call me a loser, call me a brat


Your words mean nothing to me 

For that I know-

I am me and I am wonderful

I do not need you, or a Mr.Wonderful

I strive to be different

I strive to be pure

I strive to be independent 

I strive to be secure

I will never be the words you say

I will never be the girl you read

Your opinions will never mean anything to me

I will never treat you wrong

I will never not be polite

For in your sake, I will pray for you that everything be alright

In my hopes and dreams I wish you a good life

I do not know you and I do not hold your life

Bless you, Bless you, Bless you, I hope you can sleep tonight


My life had been a disaster

My life had been a delight

My life had been a mystery

My life had been a guess, I found myself somehow regardless of the mess


You will not find me shopping at the store you like

You will not find me partying through the night

You will not find me crying over a boy that didn't treat me right

Because I know who I am 

And I know what I like

I know what I deserve and I will never lose sight

This is me, I am here

I can not wait to start

Although, it may never end

Meeting you has impacted me

And leaving you will too

Beautiful I am, in more ways than one

My looks, my drive, my mind

I am perfectly happy with who I am

Thinking about it makes me proud

Someday I will change the world

Glad to be free


Judge me for your reasons, or no reason at all

One perfectly imperfect girl

Judge them for your reasons, or no reason at all

One perfectly imperfect world

Roll Tide ladies, Beautifully Just Me






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