Which Filter?


I have flaws.

I'm not as beautiful as I want to be.

You can see the unsightly pimple on my chin.

And that one piece of hair is out of control.

Should I even post this? 

I ask my friends.

They say I look gorgeous.

But I just don't see it.


I click through the filters.

In my eyes, I begin to look better.

Valencia, Hefe or Inkwell?

Which one looks best?


Each friend says "no filter!

You look stunning without it".

But why can't I see it?

I've become prone to pointing out my imperfections.


Instead of addressing my acne and bad hair day,

My friends tell me my smile lights up the picutre.

How cute my outfit is,

and how thin I look.


Why not no filter?

They say.

The problem is,

I feel too exposed without one.


I don't want people to see me for who I am.

For I'm anxious that I will not get enough likes.

But who decided that likes define who we are?

I've decided that I won't anymore.


Without a filter,

I'm ten times more beautiful.

And my flaws make me the unique individual that I am.

So I choose #nofilter.

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