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Inspired by a picture   I have an old and faded photograph of a beautiful, young bride on her wedding day. She was my bride many years ago, so I will write a composition about this photograph.  
Daisy and I were optimistic dreamers. We fell for each other when we were young. Love blazed like a fire in our hearts. Roses bloomed and birds sang on our wedding day. We promised to grow old together,
Bride's veil concealing beauty - White mist unfolding light, Groom's heart in restless longing - Rays to pierce mist to bright.   
I arrived at the pier shortly before dusk That was where some lovers met Lori was there with a handsome man It broke my heart to see her embracing him, But I couldn’t let the jealousy show
I arrived at the pier shortly before dusk That was where some lovers met Lori was there with a handsome man It broke my heart to see her embracing him, But I couldn’t let the jealousy show
I think the reason so many lovers get married on the beach Is because it’s the one place The only public place Where marriage is all around you, Where the ocean marries the shore
“Te amo mi querida,” eso es lo que te dije El sol brillaba a través de la casa de verano Tus labios españoles eran como un clavel rojo .
Tinted balloons, silky ribbons and bouquets adorn the venue in mid-autumn Wow! It’s the happiest day in our lives .
It’s not the usual big and expensive wedding. And there’s neither limousine nor wedding bells. It’s just a modest marriage ceremony in autumn. .
The word "fight" never seemed to apply I see its far more than what meets the eye A promise made in youth that must live when youth dies And I fight. Oh, its a front and a facade - yes, I fight!  
The bride so beautiful, dressed in white. She must be so tired, she danced all night.   Her husband who loves her,
Two years, three years, five years passed Now we're in this chapel Everything feels surreal It all feels like a dream   Two years, three years, five years passed
Dear sister,<p>Paragraph one.</p> I told you how much you mean to me and how much you always made me grow as a person, How I wouldn’t have made it through freshman year without you.
On this day I wore red A color so beautiful and bold I did it to be ahead And hopefully it will have him sold   He, however, wore blue
In the beginning there was us That’s the only thing that I’m sure of I may not know what  tomorrow holds But I know I’ll be holding you
Because I love you In my very own way I accept your outstretched hand You have kept your promise Never led me astray So today, united we stand   If divided we fall I would not be upset
Dear Ex,   I’m not plastic. I’m real, but you didn’t want that. You wanted something recycle and used over and over again. You never wanted lovin, you wanted 5 minutes of a “good time”.
I love you And You Don't Love Me Because Your cold heart Is incapable Of Love And I write in this way Not for you Though I love you Too much
Red When they both shuffled on the old gym floor it was the shade of the swish of her dress. When her lips meet his, he’s wishing for more
The love I feel for you no one can compare No one could ever show how our love is not rare We started as friends and been together since The thought of you leaving makes my heart wince
As that pink blush Creeps to your cheek,My knees go weak.Tears spring to my eyes When I see that smile Spread across your face.The fluffy laceStrung to your dress Makes you look even more Like a princess.The fresh May flowers Sit by the doorAlong
She wore blue on her wedding day. Blue as the sky she looked up at when she couldn’t believe her luck when they met. Blue as his eyes
My dad held my hand  and told me it would be okay. Looking so elegant and tan, the music starts to play.  On the top of a Mountain, my dress flowed with the wind. Your eyes met with the horizon 
"Just Married" signs are so  wonderful to be seen  on the back of a car speeding down the highway to a destination  unknown by onlookers.  The direction only to be determined 
Have you seen? the mountains and the trees have you seen? the water in a stream have you seen? the endless crashing sea  have you seen? the beautiful golden leaves  have you seen?
Knots tied tightly forever, In love we'll walk together Merrily ever after. My one and only life partner:
    Open Sea of Emotions     Feeling helpless all on my own, Sitting under the stars with my dead phone.
You saw our picture, on Facebook. Wedding details and happ faces.  Yeah, I'm a lucky girl.  You had big dreams for him, falling in love. You were two kids in the front yard, all insecurities and young.
Together we pick your destination 
My collar's too tight, the room is too hot. I shuffle my feet, my stomach's in knots. Once I look up, I can breathe because I see There she is walking towards me   As she comes my way, passing pew by pew,
Words are all they will ever be, but trust I'll love you way more than that. You make me a better person, cliche yes, but it gets better. You make it all seem effortless.
Flowing gently in the breeze, Is a wedding dress for you and me. It could be white, it could be short,
Jenna we are so glad for you and Frank. We hope you make him walk the plank. Make sure you are aware of the shank. He usually keeps it in the shark tank. Maybe keep yours in the bank.  
Pure white Cause im celibate Beautiful Because its on me Designed by myself Yea,just for his queen Fitted to perfection Just the right amount of oomph
It was our wedding day Full of love and admiration I looked into her gleaming emerald eyes I knew we’d remember this forever   It was our wedding day Friends and family sniffled in the Palace
I would change the mind obsessed with pretty colors and popular dress   When she was a baby her mother dressed her in the best she could afford She would sit in bows and laces
Feel both hearts beating, see soft snow settle on earth—
That beautiful white dress, With the long silk train, Will sit in a closet, For twenty-five years, Until it’s given to a girl, From a broken home, Who will choose not to wear it.  
Happiness is you. Happiness is something new. Happiness is something borrowed and blue. Happiness is our wedding day. That never happened because you went away
  It wasn't the type of love that they wrote poems about. It wasn't something
Soft red lips Turned up—a smile Of wit and love— Toward the lips of another Reflections In each other’s eyes Radiant light Shrouds her body A silky gown of dreams
I stare at the lake, at those snow-white swans. I get a fuzzy feeling inside. Why? Because their necks, arched like a heart, remind me of Amanda and Kevin, who will be dancing in the breeze,
Love is a dream that every girl is looking for. Love is a way to make it through a long, rough day. Love is the smell of a rose that meets you at your front door with a kiss.
Her alarm went off at six in the morning She heard wedding bells in her sleep, then the snooze went off-- a warning.   He turned on the coffee pot, somewhere on the other side of town.
Stroll down the aisle, Show everybody your smile, Now walk with some suspense, As little girls scatter petals all along your path, It’s time to thank your dad for everything in the past,
I gaze at the mirror’s silvery surface. It reveals my white gown adored with soft dove like folds That emerges from the floor to meet a cluster of diamonds full of radiance. As my veil drapes around my shoulders memories begin to replay As if they
Love is a complicated thing And many people get it wrong Once, or twice, or even more. But once in awhile A pair gets it right, They become a couple
Dressed in white and at the hall, Excited was she not nervous at all, It was a day she looked forward to since she was a child, Whenever she thought about it she sat and she smiled.
Technology is a pretty cool thing And saves us from getting into a lot of trouble. And not just the “typing ten pages in one night because you procrastinated” kind of trouble.
White is the sound of the clock alarming 3:30p.m. on January 12, 2013. White is the beautiful snowfall upon the ground. White is the limo pulling up to the chapel.
The ultimate family reunion Family from east to west West to East North to South We all gather at one special place I'm most excited to see one particular face That I have not seen in ages
I may write you down in my memories With my imagination and fantasy. I may stride with you on the beach And confidently toward the wedding gate.
Today is a big day for a little bird, like me No one knows i'm coming Even though i'm not born yet I have traveled back into time
When he put the ring on my finger I blushed a deep red I kept wondering if I'll ever get this image out of my head Smiles and wide eyes crawl across our figures while ecstatic and joyful emotions are triggered
“You’re ruining your arms,” you say “Just think about your wedding day!” But why be beautiful, why be whole When I can cut myself and sell my soul I prefer to hurt myself for happiness
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