Our Wedding Vows

Because I love you

In my very own way

I accept your outstretched hand

You have kept your promise

Never led me astray

So today, united we stand


If divided we fall

I would not be upset

(I am falling for (you) are my love)

You have held me close

Without a single regret

In your eyes I saw signs from above


You call me your muse

Trust me with your heart

Express that you're happy and proud

Not a thought of betrayal

No one tearing us apart

Our reality lives on the ninth cloud


You keep me grounded

I keep you in check

We're the essence of a true ride or die

Our healthy relationship

Filled with mutual respect

And all we had to do was try


I love you

You love me

Though we may never truly understand how

An eternity or more

Is all we'll ever need

But today we will say these vows


"Forever and always

I will do my best

By your side I'll stay faithful and true,

Our strong relationship

Will pass any trial or test

Because you love me and because I love you."

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