The Nature of Love


I stare at the lake,

at those snow-white swans.

I get a fuzzy feeling inside.


Because their necks, arched like a heart, remind me of Amanda and Kevin,

who will be dancing in the breeze,

their bodies swaying, not a care in the world, As I stare at those snow-white swans.


And the doves in the sky,

so white and so grateful.

They remind me of Amanda's veil that flows over the back of her dress.

Just like the couple,

so greaceful and sweet.

When they fly away, 

It's just like the lift of the veil for the kiss.


Oh and the trees

covered in red flowers.

It reminds me of the flowers Amada will hold,

as Kevin watches her walk down the aisle.


And the trunks of the trees,

so tough and so strong.

They remind me of Kevin when he will lift up his new bride,

so they can disappear into the sunset.


I look at all this,

and a tear appears in my eye,

for the sight of them together

is too perfect not to cry.




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