Open Sea of Emotions

    Open Sea of Emotions  


Feeling helpless all on my own,

Sitting under the stars with my dead phone.

No one around just the wind through the trees,

Everyone's gone.. Just me and an open sea.


An open sea of emotions pouring out of ones soul,

Darkness around me I can't grab ahold,

Of the light in my life that's kept me safe and alive.

Can someone help me, screaming out in the silence with no one around to help or abide us.


It's taken over our life with no remorse or escape,

God help us all what is our fate?

Screaming out in pain through lies and disbelief,

Your presence left, our light has been defeated.

Fighting blindly to feel your presence near me,

Not in a physical form but in my heart so dearly.

I'm hoping to see you in up coming years, in my heart you'll always stay, through the pain and the 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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