Wedding Dress

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 16:51 -- Skeptic


Stroll down the aisle,

Show everybody your smile,

Now walk with some suspense,

As little girls scatter petals all along your path,

It’s time to thank your dad for everything in the past,

Show everybody the future and to forget all the rest,

And hold your bouquet of flowers as if it were the best,

Stare your future in the eye and say “I love you” every chance you get,

But try not to kiss him until the final words have been said.

The pastier starts to ramble about the good and the bad,

Through sickness and health for as long as they last,

Yadda yadda this and yadda yadda that,

She just waits for the words to unite them at last,

So she stands there quietly,

Wither her smile standing strong,

As the pastier states warmly,

“The doves have vows to be sung”.

They exchanged words of care,

And described how their love would be fair,

Both giggling and chuckeling at each phrase they compared,

AS the crowd goes in awe thinking what a beautiful pair,

They stopped and let the pastier continue his prayer.

The time had finally come,

To answer their I do’s,

They both said it swiftly for there wasn’t a second to lose,

The man stood there proudly,

As he united them as one,

Their lips pressed together,

And their future had begun.


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