She Wore Blue On Her Wedding Day

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 14:15 -- Kate.N

She wore blue on her wedding day.

Blue as the sky

she looked up at when she

couldn’t believe her luck when they met.

Blue as his eyes

when they sparkled against the Sun

on their walks through town.

Blue as the ocean

from when they snuck away that one summer weekend

to the beach.

Blue as the flowers

as they bloomed after that one brutal winter.

She put on her dress with a glowing smile and  

walked down the aisle only to find,

that he had put on a vivid blue tie.


The years have passed,

she twirls the ring of brass,

as she sorts through the bent old photos.

A tear runs down her cheek like a drop of rain

before the downpour as she

goes into her closet and sees that blue dress.

Blue as the sky was,

blue as his eyes were,

blue as the ocean was,

and blue as the flowers were.

She puts on a black dress and walks out of the house,

but turns around and changes into a dark blue blouse.


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