Bird's Eye View

Today is a big day for a little bird,
like me
No one knows i'm coming
Even though i'm not born yet
I have traveled back into time
To the moment my parents promised too spend all eternity with each others' hearts.
Their love is so sweet, like lemonade on a hot summer's day.
Their love is so strong it's what makes the world spin around.
I found myself the perfect spot
Snugged tight in the white gardenia bush on their lawn
The aroma of the busch is satisfying
The sudden chime of the bells came through the whistling wind
that was the cue
As the people spoke amongst one another
I scanned the scene
Taking in every little moment as if I were to be enjoying the last piece of chocolate on Earth.
A grin formed across my beak when i spotted the next door neighbors
sprawled out in flamboyant lawn chairs
The woman had curlers stacked on top of her head.
The low whispers of the people soon faded
As my young father waltz down the isle, ecorted by my grandfather
Cameras flashed, tissues rippled and smiles spread
As my charming mother was lead down the isle by her father
A great man he was
The preacher spoke his powrful words, as my parent's said their "I do's"
the crowd cheered
I heard the faint whisper of the wind circling around my head
pushing itself into my little bird body
telling me it's time for me to leave
It was an occassion like this that I didn't mind leaving the crazy society I live in today
just to be a bird's eye view.


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