Love Bugs in My Hard Drive (A Poem for George & Megan's Wedding)


Technology is a pretty cool thing
And saves us from getting into a lot of trouble.
And not just the “typing ten pages in one night because you procrastinated” kind of trouble.
I mean the “taping over your wedding video” kind of trouble-
It’s just not possible to do that anymore.
Lucky you, George.
Now, just don’t accidentally delete it.
Because we all know hell hath no fury like a married woman scorned.

Some people are cavemen and just don’t know how to get with the 21st century,
But we are sure with you both, you’ll be doing it quite well.
You can tweet to all of us, while you’re away on your Honeymoon.
And we can stalk you through pictures when you post them on Instagram.
There’s Facebook and YouTube, and even Tumblr, for some of the lucky few.
There’s so many ways we can witness the love between you two.

Being married won’t be easy,
At least that’s what a lot of people say.
So George I suggest a comfortable couch,
And Megan, don’t worry, it’ll be okay

As long as there’s love you can accept all the cookies,
There’s spyware and popup blockers so you can keep us from being nosy,
But between each other you’ll always be cozy.
There will be folders full of videos from your very special day,
And of course there will be shoutouts from every Power Poetry user.

Now Megan, just remember when times get rough;
He has already gotten past all the firewalls,
And sometimes it takes a bit of buffering,
But in the end, remember
Your hard drive is full of beautiful memories.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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