Best Friends

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you were my true blue soul friend we had a bond deeper than any I had known before we laughed and cried we shared our secrets i trusted you with the deepest parts of my heart
This is to the dreamers  To the star crossed lovers to the ex-bestfriends And the hopeless wonders  This is to the sleepless nights 
the feel of your hair while you rest your head on me should be a crime, it isn't fair   the look in your eyes while you tell me you're here to stay makes me want to ask if you'll be mine  
My first love was a boy whose beauty could have put Aphrodite's to shame For his eyes glimmered in the sun like gems And his smile beamed so brightly it flocked dozens to him But this boy stuck to my side
When I wrote her love songs, you cried because they were “Just that good.” And I was falling and falling and falling.
Coraopolis shows off older buildings and brown concrete as the car moves down 5th Street. The bridge soon appears and the Ohio River rushes on below. Neville Island- population 1000- is a quiet place.
To your loyalty,   Everyday Since the day I met you You stayed.   You support me Even when I’m wrong
I thought I knew you And yet I feel distant Like if the past years we have know Are all a blur Was there really a connection? I’m not sure.
When God crumpled the stars And made people Scattering these borrowed atoms across The earths skin Did he await the day that I would find you?   And as our ancestors died and rejoined the stars
So why'd you do it? What made you think it was okay to blow it? We spent so long patching up the things that didn't belong And now it turns out that it was you all along I spent so long trying to make things right 
To my Ry,   When i'm asked about my best friend I think of you in a heartbeat So caring and so helpful A bond nobody could repeat
I love you endlessly. I don’t even have to be thinking of you specifically to love you. You see, I love you when the smell of coffee tickles my nose
When I hug you, I smell his scent on your shirt.
She took a look at the cold body,  Broken, Bruised, Beaten,  Left for dead, With very little warmth left in her.  A small touch sent heat flooding all over Her body,
sophomore year liturgy of the body once a week for four weeks the girls and boys were separated and we learned about healthy relationships healthy - catholic - relationships
"Not siblings by blood, but siblings by heart. Doing stupid shit until one of us gets hurt. No lessons learned, even with blood being spilt. Finally all healed up, the stupid shit will once again start.
There was a time when I had a crush on a close friend   and it led nowhere. But I want to write about her anyway. Because she's the type of person   who deserves to be written about.  
The days can be long The afternoons, longer I can forget who I am sometimes And at times, the doubts can get stronger  But your name on my screen And your voice on the phone Are enough to reel me back in This, I'll always know  You remind me I'm s
When I find someone who makes me feel the way my best friend does, I'll know. When my laughter feels like earthquakes forming in my body, When I enjoy this present reality, I'll know. 
Dreaming of the day When I discover the way you walk The way you smell The way your voice sounds deep When you speak and my ear is against your chest The way you kiss me gently But boldly
  When I tell a story that involves you, I always say, “so my best friend and I…” I mean, she was my friend, best friend, ex friend, old friend, ex best friend.  But now, the memory of you pounds in the back of my head, and every time I talk about
Heartbreak comes out of nowhere, But it always comes from somewhere. My heart hurts, it looks for you, But you're not even there... Come back to me, I can't fathom the thought of not having you,
We went to the pound to look at the dogs ‘Just to look.” my parents had said But we all new what was going to happen I was going to find a dog and we would “have to keep it” I was in desperate need for a furry friend. My life was dull and sad. I w
Cherishing Yesterday by Lindsey Faith Hoyt   Family means we are together, Even when living far apart.   Memories give us much to hold on to, And delight us to think of what we’ve shared.
Sunflower of my withering heart,Oh how you bring me warmth,Like mountains your foundationsform around my worries,your voice soothes all woes. Smile and I'll smile,
Sunflower of my withering heart,Oh how you bring me warmth,Like mountains your foundationsform around my worries,your voice soothes all woes. Smile and I'll smile,
You're my first love. That's all I can even say. You make me smile and giggle and... And nothing has ever made me feel this way. It scares me. I'm scared I'll turn into her.
You blamed him when you fell out of love. But in the end, it was you that fell out of love. Think about that.
You used to always cry at school. The only thing wrong with that? You used to cry about him being my boyfriend.
You should be sorry. Sorry for cheating. Sorry for being a bad friend. Sorry for being bitter. Sorry for lying. But not sorry for existing. I'm already sorry for that.
You won't get married to him. Not yet, at least. I probably won't either, but that's only because you're both cheaters. But for now, I'm glad I ruined your chance with him. By the way, you're a terrible cook
I should've noticed that you never actually cared. Shame on me. I should have seen that you hated everyone around you, including myself. Shame on me.
ONE. We meet.A while later, we start talking.Later still, we discover that the term "soul-mates" doesn't just apply to the romantically inclined.
I'm not sure how it happened,Not for sure at all.I just know we got here,Still standing through it all. He believes in me,No matter what goes on.His smile is all I need;It keeps me standing strong.
time has no meaning it is the same as it was  so long ago. The tender age passing and ripened to what  may be our perfection.  
She’s my rock, my other half, Always there to cheer me up, And make me laugh.   We met in preschool, the year 2001 She thought of me as the weird shy girl I thought of her as happy as the sun.  
The time is fast approaching, and I am not ready. The time is almost heare, and I feel dizzy headed,  I have been working towards this all my life, and now that it's near, I don't want it to come.
Witch hazel heals the dark , But our dark wasn't in need of curing , In the garden of summer days flowers couldn't bloom for the soul , No matter how hard we tried it always ended up Black and blue , Sometimes the road was to long and we thought w
If there is one person whom I know I cannot live without It is my best friend, Chynna, That is without a doubt.   She was the first person who loved me Including all of my flaws,
The next logical step, now that I’m on a deserted island, is to kill myself. Plunge into the water and sink onto part of a marine shelf. After all, how long can I last here?
Remember that Friday night when we drove my little sister’s silver Impala to Little Clear Lake on winding gravel roads
I called a thousand times last night But you were never there I wore my voice out crying But I know that you don't care What happened to the kingdom We built from blood and ash
6 close friends, brought together on accident, they've got a bond that can't be broken. when we have no one else we've all got eachother, the friends that turned into family. we yell and scream and cry
't u dare blow me a kiss and call me loser. I'm trying to be mad at u but now I'm smiling at a text. U say, 'u can't be mad at me' And I say, 'why's that?'
A man's best friend they are called. Standing by our side even when we fall. They greet you at your door with a hug and kiss. A baby cries or music plays, they'll sing along. They'll jump and run and play with you.
You know what's awesome? Going out to eat tacos with your best friend in the middle of the night. Or just lying in an empty field on your backs looking at the stars and talking about life.
“she’s my person, she makes my life so honorably awesome.
Please tell me it was I who made you leave I do not want to believe that you meant to walk away I want to blame myself
the first time in my life i ever smelled a stick of incense was at my friend lindseyswe were in the fifth grade and she was my very very very best friendshe watched all the cools eighties movies
  We were together for many years We became as one It was like I had your blood running through my veins We could read each other’s thoughts Finish each other’s sentences Without saying a word
my best friend and i have matching smiles like the insides of oysters and the same amount of melanin in our skin. it’s magical, really, how we look like family but live a time zone apart. 
The first time I knew what love meant
There's so much potential in a box of envelopes  So much power in monogrammed paper and a ballpoint pen  They're worth so much more than $13.99 at Office Depot in the end 
If I could paint the world again
The feeling of my forehead pressed against yours Your touch, as always, making my heart soar To be completely honest I'm a little nervous] Your face coming closer leaves me breathless
F*ck the friendzone…as a matter of fact, f*ck the bestfriendzone.
The first time I met you I thought little of you Now I know you for you I like you It's been eight years since then, I love you   We started as friends then best friends then sisters
ven't found the right words They're not in any song I hear
I remember a time Seems like yesterday When things were different, Less complicated. Barbie dolls strew across a yellow quilt Fairytales played to life in the backyard Picnic lunches
I try and I try and try, still nothing. I put my heart into everything, still nothing, I spent my whole live searching for the good in my life, still nothing, I try to be nice and generous to everyone I meet, still nothing.
I try and I try and try, still nothing. I put my heart into everything, still nothing, I spent my whole live searching for the good in my life, still nothing, I try to be nice and generous to everyone I meet, still nothing.
Even though we change, And we're finding our place in the world. We all know that when tears fall,
Best friends understand when you say forget it, Wait forever when you say just a minute, Stay by your side when you say leave me alone,
  You captured my heart from the start With your sense of humor you filled my heart Oh but I didn’t want to admit it to myself or anyone else
Hours after hours of rehearsal countless late weekend nights at the studio and a lifetime’s worth of bobby pins, dance shoes, and ripped tights. All for the next two and a half minutes.
We take baby steps forward Then back we’ll fall But our steps are in synch We’re giving our all Best friends and sisters We float hand in hand Down the river of life Away from dry land
I write you this letter as I lay belly-down on the now very faded hammock in our backyard. The same hammock you and I would lay on for hours telling stories and sharing secrets.
when i was little, i was lonelyi looked for people like me -i found you, and you were greatfor a while at least.
"End of the River" I can’t see, Please! What’s to be? It’s known, what could, Living in the woods.
"You're Special" That's what he said But what you said was      that I have better things      to do with my life But life is meant to be spent       with happiness all around  
Not everyone gets this opportunity      to find someone like you I take it all in; One day at a time But you're always on my mind ¡Oh it's just a first love! But no matter what place it's in It's Love
You make me happy And what's more important         than that It's a fact - happiness makes         the world go 'round That's why I always want         you around me I dont care what they say, 
Tell Me Is this wrong Is this typical      tested, tried, & true It makes me blue      with fear; this tested       tried, & true It feels so right But this wrong
Follow me back to a moment in time A memory for me. In a crypt. In my mind. Waiting for him, it's an hour past five In comes Drew with his broken blue eyes. He sits across me in a cold seat that grinds,
I let you go a little more each dayI guess it's better that way.Losing you all at once bewilders my soulRipping away a part from a whole.Hey, best friendThought I knew you so well
A broken girl you see with a flawed family she hides up in a tree playing hide and seek too old now for the games she is consumed by all the flames the girl she wants to be
Swelling and beating when I think of you It's as if I envision you here fingers tangled and all My heart selfishly desires to be melted with yours Past heartaches never mend and for a boy his heart never bends
My mind is broken full of tears a never ending storm of stress and anger. My brain a continuous rain cloud My mental and emotional state is shattered beyond repair.
Gliding along the wooden planks As coals of emerald Kindled his face I caught a glimpse of a transfiguration. Soft winds swept up my cotton skirt Past polished shoes and mounds of earth.
Some days it’s so easy to forget; it’s like it never happened. Other days, it’s impossible to ignore; I wish it never happened. I thought I could leave it all behind, but it keeps catching up to me,
How close can you go without saying to someone, All the things you keep bottled up inside, Your true thoughts, How you really feel, How close can you go without saying it?
I’ve spent my life comparing my behind the scenes with your highlight wheel. Taught you got all the boys because you were the prettiest, I didn’t fit in with your crew but you spared some time for me,
I was serious. I'm not writing a poem today. I just feel like ranting, because I can't think of a way to write a narrative poem that could say everything on my mind. Heh, no epics today my friends.
Majority of this little group, but not a click, is single. Best friends for six years and for some longer. Our nights together involve laughing, talking, joking, napping, laughing, and silence…
I can’t read you All I know is what I feel Ask me to explain it And the words just disappear
What are friends for? Where has my friend gone? He was my best friend Well that’s how I feel now He keeps secrets; Ashamed to face me I keep secrets For my trust he no longer is worthy
When my world seems to crash and burn You’re still there When my foundation seems to crumble You’re still there With you’re shoulders waiting for the first tears to fall You laugh with me You cry with me
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