I don't think it was me

I thought I knew you

And yet I feel distant

Like if the past years we have know

Are all a blur

Was there really a connection?

I’m not sure.


And I think about you

When I close my eyes

In the night sleep taken

For hours at a time


We don’t talk like we did before

Small talk, the things when we were bored

And in thinking I understand

Everytime more

Makes me feel

Distant from your shore


I was raged confused

Now I’m saddened

I can’t imagine what would happen

I feel you’ve been taken

But you were never


We fell apart

And now I pretend

Pretend I’m okay

We promised we’d tell one another if we felt

Our lives distant away

But I know it’s not my place

I’ll still love you, even if we’ve gone our

Separate ways.



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