Heartbreak comes out of nowhere,

But it always comes from somewhere.

My heart hurts, it looks for you,

But you're not even there...

Come back to me, I can't fathom the thought of not having you,

Because we were once once, and now I'm stuck here without you.

We had trips to take, more memories to make,

They say things happen for a reason, so I guess it wasn't a mistake.

It's just... What do I do now?

Do I act like nothing happened? Like I don't care?

Like at one point in my life, you weren't there?

Ha, I couldn't even erase you from my brain,

Because there was a point when you were the only one to keep me sane,

You were my umbrella in the rain...

What do I do now?

Do I pretend it doesn't hurt?

That won't work... I've tried already.

And no matter what I do, you're on my mind, heavy.

My guardian angel... Never thought I'd say that about you so soon...

Now I'm stuck here wondering why you're up there with the moon.

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