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now I'm no weatherman but you're my sunshineI know that when I'm with you, there is an 80% chance of smiles and a 20% chance of running into someone we know
Born a girl But read a book And now what is she, A he An it? Doesn’t she know the pain he causes others When it Or xe? Decides a thousand things In a single day?  
met you in the fourth grade back when we were just ten spent half my life with you every step since
I live in a world where passion lies deep and no one is willing to dig. Pass me my shovel piling sweat and tears, I will dig for not only your souls, but mine. I love you, and passion will be restored.
I planned my sister's future today:   First, she needs to learn German. Nevermind that she's never shown an interest in languages  
People say you can’t be a lawyer because you’re a woman Says who? The Hobby Lobby Taking away our good medicine for the obstruction of religious freedom And people dying of AIDS, they didn’t know
Money There's so much of it in the world but why don't I have any of it? Why does my family struggle so much when others have money coming out of their ears? I'm stuck trying to figure out
We're all traveling down this road The road to our futures We all have different destinations, but we're all going somewhere or nowhere It's exciting to think about what we are traveling towards
"Don't Fail"Nat Delbecq, 2014   “Don’t fail.” Three words, two contracted
I just can't find the right one. What am I doing wrong? They say go with the money.  I say I want to go where ever my heart desires. But I have had a personal struggle with having too little.
Why is so hard to educate yourself.
I've made goals I've worked hard
Laundry had to be done And there was something About some bill That I had to pay.   Thousands of dollars Spent and borrowed For a piece of paper that says I’m smart, I’m qualified.
I’ve seen the promising become promise-less, helpless, useless   A straight A student taking a straight edge razor to prescription pills To heal the hell until she fell Drowning neck high in alcohol  
Education wasted Through blood, sweat, and tears they tasted Longed for the things we are handed on a silver platter And yet we neglect this precious gift as if it didn’t matter
I want out so badly. Mom, I know you’re proud of me, that I have not cried in front of you every time I see you since you told me my dream school is off the table. We can’t afford it.
I'm turning 25 this year, And with another passing day I fear, That I have nothing to show and my life is slipping away. I mean, I don't know what you've been told, But even at 20 I thought 25 was old,
im crafting my journey the way  from the dim  as the light is blind eye that i cant see  days seems oh so right can be the most beautiful fright  mind beyound measure but we dont remeber everything that happin last night
I think it's kind of
A love of teaching is hard to find For some try in vain to fill the mind And others are bitter, aloof, and unkind And still others tire of the daily grind  
Ryan Summers            Politician         April 27, 2014 My niche is filled with chat of the upcoming elections And the debate with others who detest my views.  
A thousand dollars.. I need a stack, a "G", in today's society if you want higher knowledge then you must pay a fee Corrupt visions in this government made my reality
People are dyingMothers are cryingI don't think I can survive itthe block is hot don't you hear the sirenscall 911 cuz they shooting again
My dream has no name,             it is still an uncreated concept,                                  one that I hope to create.   My dream embraces my passions,
If only I could Give you a life, One thats worth living, One without strife, I would. If only my job Became a career, Then we would live, Without fear, Of living like Uncle Bob.
There's no money in music, I know, that's a dead end career.  I can see you as a wonderful biomedical engineer, dear,  from every mother and teacher and father and neighbor.  Stop making all that noise, they say,
What will I be? So much to choose, hard to know... Who will I be then?
There are too many things that make up a person. We want to compact them all Into one item “Do you like this?
We all have roles. we all have dreams and believe that we can achieve. So we say when we're young, "I will get that dream job!" We all start out with a small job,  then we flourish like a flower to water.
Three Simple Steps     I love to read
I bet you anything That no one would say That one day The wish to work for a job with no pay. Let me just tell you        I would. What's money anyway?    Its just a way
what MY dream job means to MEMY dream job in America no one takes seriousy
A job: Just Over Broke I don't want that There is so much more to have:
I'm thinking of a Master Plan Only 1 dollar in my pocket, the other filled with lint I told you I'm thinking of a Master Plan Nothing like the get rich or die trying I am not 50 Cent man
Ive always had such a passion for little kids seeing them running around and laughing. The joy of them has always put a smile on my face their smiles make me feel a warm fuzzy feeling.
This job will not only change my life. It will change the world. Words can stab like a knife But without them would anything change? In a world so corupt  With problems that can widely range
Loving your job  Isn't so simple. Especially in this culture Where we're taught to just sell out Our gifts and our talents.  Quick choose: money or passion. They don't always go hand in hand, 
I was a child (more than I am now) when my grandmother shared with me the world. She’d get mail, like all adults tend to, and leave the blank envelopes for weekends.
A Tool called School  
Objectives: Trying not to fail at life miserably. I don't want to become another statistic Education: I have been taught to ignore the things around me, just so I can have a chance at moving ahead in life.
The morning sun kisses his cheek gently through the window blinds, and upon awaking he grins. Grinning until he recollects what awaits him. Begrudgingly he rolls out of bed. Shower, dry, brush, dress, eat, leave.
Neckties to work, nooses to work A company car is a cold, hollow perk Death in a cubicle, the confines of white Cold coffee, keyboards, and fluorescent lights Watercooler romances, lunch breaks at noon
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