Three Simple Steps  


Three Simple Steps



I love to read

I love to write

I love coffee shops

I love Korean and Japanese culture

I love teaching and helping others with all my might

Because of this there is so much I want to do with my life

I ask myself, what can benefit others, could I do them any good?

That's when I discovered I could

I can travel to South Korea and teach English and Literature to the students there

I can travel to Japan and open my own coffee shops filled with books, a place where you can come and relax 

I thought these dreams would never come true plagued with the thoughts how "are you good enough"? "Can you really handle this"?

But I know I can I just need to take the right steps

One, graduate high school and go to college

Two, learn and master the skills I need to teach 

Three, graduate college and go abroad doing what my heart tells me, 

With these three simple steps I'll be there soon; my feet have never failed me yet.


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