Tue, 07/05/2016 - 18:25 -- zacford

now I'm no weatherman but you're my sunshine
I know that when I'm with you, there is an 80% chance of smiles and a 20% chance of running into someone we know

and I'm not a writer but I write about you every day.
I write rough drafts and final drafts,
I write novels and blog posts too

I'm no astronomer but you are my stars, my moon, and my sun
you're the constellations on my skin
and you are the hubble telescope
 and I'm no firefighter but I would put out the fires in your mind that burn your thoughts
and I would jump through flames and smoke just to be with you
 And I don't actually know what I want to be when I grow up,
and I don't know when "growing up" stops
and kind of that scares me,
but I do know that I want to be with you when we grow up.
maybe that's in one day and maybe that's in one year
but stay with me but could the weatherman have predicted hurricanes like you or storms like me?
could he have predicted the chaos we caused together?
I think the wildfires are too out of control for any firefighter to extinguish.
as the tears burn down her cheeks I knew the fires had reached her heart
and I knew no writer could write a love story like ours  


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