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The morning sun kisses his cheek gently through the window blinds, and upon awaking he grins.

Grinning until he recollects what awaits him.

Begrudgingly he rolls out of bed.

Shower, dry, brush, dress, eat, leave.

Sit, wait, yell, regret.

Regret, cry, pray, sit, wait.

Getting out of his car the sharp wind shakes his body.

He is grateful for the November chill. It gives him an excuse to tremble.

Walk, sit.

Regret, pray, shiver, sit, wait.

Regret for staying.

Regret for missed opportunities.

He knows what is coming. He hears the words before his manager even opens his mouth.

“Congratulations! We are going to promote you to-"

The rest of the sentence doesn’t matter. He doesn’t listen.

Faking a smile, he shakes his manager’s hand.

The responsible thing would be to stay.

His heart aches.

He hates the job. The job that he has wanted to quit for years, the job that makes him cringe,

The job that has now become his career. The career will now become a lifestyle.

Regretting never leaving.

Waiting for another opportunity like the one he passed up.

Praying for strength.

He has no choice.

He stays.


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