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Neckties to work, nooses to work
A company car is a cold, hollow perk
Death in a cubicle, the confines of white
Cold coffee, keyboards, and fluorescent lights
Watercooler romances, lunch breaks at noon
Midlife crises come ten years too soon
The numbers don’t fit, thus an overtime shift
Late nights with the janitor’s music, electric guitar riffs
Week in and out, 24/7, 9-5
Two fingers to the throat, check the pulse, still alive
Young girl, new intern, her eyes still alight
Being with her made this place feel so right
But she doesn’t work here anymore
She’s just a vacant 3 by 4
And if you’re lucky, they fill her place
An unsettling stand-in for her face
And you can’t stand it anymore
Throwing yourself from the 7th floor
Nooses to work, neckties in coffins
Your family never visits nearly as often
When you were young, you knew you’d be famous
Help me out now, remind me what your name was?


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