Loving your job 

Isn't so simple.

Especially in this culture

Where we're taught to just sell out

Our gifts and our talents. 

Quick choose: money or passion.

They don't always go hand in hand, 

When lending a hand to the needy 

Could mean leaving you hungry 

And needing.

We are not rewarded for uplifting 

Or bringing good to our people.

Though others get paid take away, 

make thieves out of people.

The starving, the homeless, 

The poor and down-trodden

Seek only to live in a world 

Where they're forgotten.

Or much more ignored 

And pushed to the brink

Of despair and insanity.

Wouldn't we think 

With a little compassion, 

And a little love we could all be working

at a job that we love.



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