A Tool called School


A Tool called School


They say you pick up tools for life

They say you might even find your wife

They say a thing here, a thing there

They say the mascot is a dog, a baby bear


They say they give you the string for the kite

They say they make you very bright

They surly know whats best for you

They say without them, you are crude


They say a lot, but is it true

They say you are a unique few

They say a lot and lie more

They take your wealth and leave you poor


They do provide those promised tools

They remind you that you are still a fool

For they never said it would be recent

They gave you tools that were not decent


These tools you hold are outdated

Your dreams slowly become lacerated

These tools are dull, obsolete 

They won’t teach you the most important feat 


You had the tools all along

Its the biggest thing you did wrong

To make your self something great

Take your tools and craft your fate


-Alex O’Dorisio

©Alex O’Dorisio 2013



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

school is your foundation

educate and it will take you far

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