Master Plan


United States

I'm thinking of a Master Plan
Only 1 dollar in my pocket, the other filled with lint
I told you I'm thinking of a Master Plan
Nothing like the get rich or die trying
I am not 50 Cent man
This is the plan of a young adolescent black man
Who has a concept you may not ever understand.
It's not about how much weed I can sell nor is it
About how much white I can whip & the toxins I can mix
In it
So what is it?
It's all about developing a young mind.
Putting the time in to spit knowledge like a one of a kind
Take advantage of the caucasians wits to benefit myself
Play them at their own game
Turn it into a new ritual.
Oh, but let's not forget this:
I am thinking of a Master Plan
A plan that consists of taking the white mans smarts
Jus to play them with their own hand
There's one thing I want you to realize
To understand
That you're reading the mindset of a future doctor
By Allah's Will,
A future doctor with a poetic mind
Descendant of ancestors of a struggling time
You're reading the thoughts of a young African American man
One who has goals to accomplish in life,
One who plays works with the hand
One who is focused works with the mind
This reasoning is why
I am thinking of a Master Plan.


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