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So is this what you wanted? To become a stranger  to your family for money? To leave your flock.        Confused Believing you can navigate the storm.           Vast Instead it pulls you in.                Parasite
Today I watched a wasp try to carry her egg all the way across the garden bed. It’s weight dragged her down, so she left the babe Came atop a flower, wiped off her legs And flew away
My inspiration, sense of dedication. My drive and the way that I Strive,   All came from a woman  heart soft like a cushion
sometimes the hardest jump is into shallow water because you know that you’ll be ever so safe but it leaves you wondering
TrustYou know? The funny thing about trust is that it’s a two way streetI trust you. You trust me, right?Except you don’t Instead you read my diary out to the entire courtroomJust to make a point
It’s a good thing there is a such thing as family Because family makes everything better It’s less lonely with them And you’ve a place to go
Dear Dad, This is just to say Last January, I was walking through sleet Which seeped through the holes in my boots. My feet had been numb for two miles. Then, I thought about how much you loved me.
When I hear the song Sweet Caroline, Carousel lights reflect off the sleepy river, The dance floor is warm with people, My father's hand warms my back, He sways with a bounce in his step,
As I ran towards the water and my feet were met with salty splashes of the ocean, 
When I was a little girl Pain was like a friend of mine. It played with me on merry-go-rounds. It slid with me on slides. It was my shadow on hot summer days.
When I was a little girl Pain was like a friend of mine. It played with me on merry-go-rounds. It slid with me on slides. It was my shadow on hot summer days.
Paternal Nicotine   A man I sit next to in class is cologned with the smell of cigarette It has been so long since I was this close to the aroma of burnt nicotine
Propped my foot against the wall I’d regress to be us for a minute or two No wonder we’d eventually fall On the frozen ground near Putnam Ave Him and I and the lack of love It all seemed so melanchomical
my family is a framed picture                      sitting on your nightstand my grandma is flawed  but takes care of it all always there for him and i she’s the frame that holds us   
To my brother You had been sober for so long I thought our life could carry on But then the day came by  You thought you'd give it another try Just one little hit Putting the joint between your lips
When I was younger I imagined you would never meet your grandchildren Forgive my honesty, I just didn't think you had it in you Growing up hearing, "I never wanted kids" sets up quite a disappointing example
Sometimes my house is not a home but a prison From the front yard it looks like a lovely family But the grass isn't always greener on the other side
My dreams are dark, My moods are depressing. I feel so distressed amidst all of this, I feel haunted when I lay to bed, I feel disturbed when I'm wide awake, No peace for me on both ends,
  I feel the warmest when I’m surrounded by my family We live life as if there’s no limitations despite the fact that there are so many  
Mentor: an experienced and trusted advisor. Many people in my life fall into such a category. Profoundly, the person to rise above the tide of heroes in my life is my sibling. My twin to be exact.  
Dreams die at an early age When you would rather support a celebrity, a stranger, other than your own children. When you can't make it to a parent teachers conference, To hear your child's accomplishments.
When the family says they love my money, but they do not love me, I let them. Though the beatings on my back and the slaps across my face burn like a midsummer’s heat wave, I stay. Because the family said they love me.
“That smile how do you do it everyday?” “Love” was all she said. The smile that went through hell and back. The smile that has been at a breaking point.
Thank you for everything. Thank you for you, Thank you for support, I know this thank you is long overdue.   You have taught me the way of life. How to love, And how to live,
Leaves fall Seasons change Missed call Acting strange You're lost I can tell You don't know yet what this will cost I'll be visiting you in a jail cell
Found on these steps you lie, Tucking me good night Before you left. Heart Stopped. Eyes wide.  Love was found In your  Soul, And you taught me to keep it there,
an artist of graffiti, a father trying, a warm heart, a recovering alcoholic--   a shirker of emotion,
Why would you walk away? Does that make you a man?  The people you destoyed will never be okay. But in your mind you just say "Not my fault." I'm doing whatever it takes to keep you on ban.
I've heard people speak of angels Some describe their features as such   They are young women Beautiful, youthful, pure, and fair They adorn shining halos and silky soft wings
We are polar opposites Unusual for a father and his daughter But sitting here at this table with you as we laugh about the stupidest things We've never felt more alike
We are polar oppisites Unusual for a father and his daughter But sitting here at this table with you as we laugh about the stupidest things We've never felt more alike
Your arms wrapped around me  Holding me tight in the cold winter storm As you looked into my eyes and told me everything would be alright  That loving myself is not an easy thing to do
Your arms wrapped around me Holding me tight in the cold winter storm As you looked into my eyes and told me everything would be alright That loving myself is not an easy thing to do 
I’ve witnessed addiction yank at the roots of a family tree.I’ve listened to slurred words that stung and blared violently enough to roam as a wildfirenesting inside weak hollow trees,blazing from the inside outuntil ash is simply a remnant of its
It wasn’t until I was ten that I noticed frown lines stretching from my mother’s hairy chin to the corners of thin lips. Hair a mass of frizz,
Thank you to the one that gave me life without giving birth. Thank you to the one who gave me meaning without losing worth. Your words gave me light to sky without a ceiling,
He is Helmsman. There’s no way to tell what’s real and what’s hell   A man, he says you fail. without speaking a word
HushMy faultHushI could have stopped itHushI wanted itHushNobody will believe meHushHe didn’t know it was wrongHushHe said he was sorryHush
Dear Sister,   In the corner of my eye I see little white lies, Though they're disguised I don't mind. I let them by.   And the rooms in this house
Poetry has taught me to not ignore the people closest to me. I've learned to acknowledge the pain that they cause me. I've seen how my father left one day and didnt come back for months.
It was tight, a bond never broken. Thoughts never choken, too much emotin started smokin'. One little bird messed it all up, when she was sipping from a cup. It took 10,
She had a smile like the sun; I would do much To feel its warmth upon me again.   She would always feed the birds; The joy she felt, I heard Just from looking up to her eyes.  
What am I thankful for? Famliy They are there when you need them They are there when you don't Family Sometimes you might not get along And sometimes you might do Family
 Their Eyes  like fire that burn like hell.  So the bright she still has trouble looking directly into people's eyes on the pretense that she might ignite. The comments turned a little girl into an internal battle of emotion.
Miscommunication, miscommunication leads to bad reactions. Bad reactions, bad reactions lead to bad attitude. Bad attitude, bad attitude leads to anger. Anger,  anger leads to silence.
If love was in my veins And love was in my blood The way the thunder rumbles As the lightning strikes six miles away
You will love me unconditional Pure, without complication You will understand my tears And calms all my fears You love me right from the stars  And hold me close to your heart
I don’t wanna feel the way they make me feel I don’t wanna live the way they taught me too They can go, board up all my windows But They will never see where the sun shines from  
Dear Angie,  As much as someone could long for a lifestyle like yours,  what I long for is great spirit, you manage to be one of the most kind people I never 
Dear Brother, I write to you in a letter of clichés, Mostly because I'm not really sure what to do anymore. Burnt thoughts, burried sins I never knew how to talk to you.
Geezer, Honestly, I don’t know if you know this, But you were my homeboy, my road dog, brotha from another mother back in the day;
Dear Sister,   When you were born I remember receiving A bright red camera I remember Clutching it close
I did not know what I should say. Tried not to show you where he lay, His skin was gray and hair like snow. I brought the tray, where he rested like so.  
Dear Mami,   I know you like it when I call you Mami, instead of Madre You always said mami sounded sweeter like I loved you more  
Dear sister,<p>Paragraph one.</p> I told you how much you mean to me and how much you always made me grow as a person, How I wouldn’t have made it through freshman year without you.
Dear Grandpa, I have from you a stack of letters. Nobody else does it better. Each word written drenched in love, Creasing me softly like a dove.   These letters mean a lot to me.
Before I first tasted honeysuckle on my tongue, Before I felt cold, churning seawater brush against my toes, Before I wandered sunlight paths of pine and oak and palmetto, there was you,
Through the eyes we see,A woman battered and bloody,A man angry of envy,And children traumatized and wary;His boy whose lips are bl
Dear Home,   Every time, I march out the front doors of the airport, Gazing over the crowd of families, Tears trickle down my cheeks,
Dear Mom, This year has passed in the blink if an eye but it feels like nothing has really happened.  I have been stuck in this rut of monotonous living, even though new things are occuring all the time.
 I love you,   That doesn't even begin to cover how much I care for you. I love those mischievous hazel eyes that you flash with all your devil's mind games.  
Dear Father, I always knew I was lucky to have you for you have a soulful heart. I have always been aware of that, even from the start.  As I've grown up, you've taught me many things:
Dear Dad, You bought me breakfast Again. I should be grateful. You worked for that Money. But I’m Not.
To my baby sister,   Life itself is not as easy as it seems to be,  Sometimes the pain is so severe it hurts like a cut knee. When the journey may seem like it's about to end,
There is love in an ordinary day We learn from each other We argue and disagree But we find common ground Watching TV He flicks my earring Repeatedly I turn to him and demand him to stop
I will hold the door for you because I love you. I will call you everyday and smile at you through the screen And watch your blurry white teeth smile back at me   And YOU!, Because I love you,
I will hold the door for you because I love you. I will call you everyday and smile at you through the screen And watch your blurry white teeth smile back at me   And YOU!, Because I love you,
​ When I was 5 I learned what real tears were My dad held my mom, her cheeks beating and tears streaming As an adolescent I couldn't tell what this fear was for
BROTHER Growing up we were always side by sideGetting into trouble You would run, I would hideBut now I'm running and we divideI know I'm young and I don't careBut from the bottom of my heartI'm really lucky you were therePeople come and goBrother
Families are supposed to accept you because they love you They love you because they understand everyone is uniquely different
Dear grandmother,   Promise I will never get tired of loving Every petal and thorn of Your worn out body.
A child screams in the cold. A man cries for his lover. A woman dies by the words of a doctor. A boy bleeds for a victory-less war.  
My body was  your was canvas It turned into a work of art The loss of blood, tears, and time That was just the start My beautiful black skin covered in scars- but Layered with make-up
Our time together was just an instant It doesn't matter how distant I have been told a lot about hearts As if you saw love as a game of darts
Land of gold A workers paradise That's what we stood for Working hard with all our might   People from all over the precious globe Trying to start a new They knew it would not be easy
I saw someone in the jeep todayAnd, oh, it reminded meOf a person I miss truly,Jealous as I looked at themWhen they were having fun,I didn't noticed my tears runningSlowly till it was done.
My grandmother made her home here early, Before the borders were walled, Before Laredo was a proper baario In the heat, she cared for seven children.   My grandmother felt prejudice quickly,
My father once said to me, “If a rule seems stupid, Lourdes, it’s probably there Because some idiot did something stupid, and now you’re all Paying the price.” It couldn’t have been more than a year after that
A Cadet in college takes another sipalong with his brothers so why would he quit?Sitting on a bean bag having the time of his lifehe'd drink away his problems and wouldn't think twice.
Love it. Love how solid the ground is underneath you. Eat it- Drink it- The air that blankets around you. Never let it go-
Ash is my sister.  My parents drive me crazy. My cats are cool too. 
Where did the time go? What did I do wrong? Did I make you leave? Or did I do something wrong?I don't know. Please just answer my call. I take my time for you, but you don't do the same.I hide all my feelings, since I'm afraid.
You walk around like you are so high and mighty 
No one ever thinks it can happy to them  It's starts off so very innocent  Wine for dinner , Mimosas for brunch,
The glass hits the wall 
Life thought to be good till one week it happened.  Early on, common space violated shared space that has an agreement broken by her because she thought she was better.  Anxiety triggered, a speech that was broken.
I am Mexican-American, I am one of you I was born and raised here, like many of you too My people are hard workers, and we stick together When things get rough, we help one another
The heart aches as if the skin has touched boiling water. The cries of the child pierce the ear of a struggling mother. The father has moved on with the daughter. Leaving his old love, and
An escape from everything Away from the hatred of the world Away from the terrors of the world Away from the hypocrites of the world To feel good is to feel happy Find happiness and you shall feel peace
 An escape from everything // Away from the hatred of the world // Away from the terrors of the world // Away from the hypocrites of the world // To feel good is to feel happy // Find happiness and you shall feel peace.  
You are my everything, You are the blue to my sky, The sun to my day, The moon and stars to my night.   You are my light in the dark, My undying spark, The hope in my life,
The orange orb rises from its slumber My eyes are still shut tight The loud noise rings on a particular number I awake with great delight   She is sitting on my shelf A woman frozen in time
I could tell you that the amber sunset Is enough for my eyes to pry themselves awake Every morning, Could tell you that the saccharine coos of birds stretching their wings
 I love my family. My familia came from Mexico, They immigrated to the states to give me a better life, They are the most hardworking people I've ever met, My familia work hard to give me a better life, and future,
The sun has barely risen, As my alarm screams in my ear. I lie there looking at the wall, But I don't shed a single tear. I look forward to the day, No matter what's in store. I jump up from my bed,
this is a poem to my                      Sister                           Alexa who isn't afraid to say what's Real          who has been my Shepherd through the worst times
On the back porch looking out of the screen There is beauty that is before my eyes, with The green hills that span miles and miles. A Southern Delicacy
My Momma's held my hand Since the day I was born, But soon I will have to move out, Into a brave new world.   She taught me everything I know, How to cut and sew, How to talk and walk,
the smell of lemon and honeysuckle is overbearing in this home built from dark woods and fresh fire, soft light.   a cat skitters along the dark
Saturday morning again, and the bees are wanting to settle into our c-l-a-v-i-c-l-e-s.
Falling to the groundThe branches of my family tree Once we were so strong protected by our leaves We have survived many stormsOur great roots firmly in the ground
Our journey has been a blast,But not quite to the end.Forever I will remember the past,since our times first began.It has been so great,and hard to forget,the talks I so appreciate,
I over used that thing I took that thing for granted that thing I can't live without.   I loved that thing, and I abused that things love 
What I Can’t Live Without Codey Yu My life, my ways, my own experiences Can’t live without my family My family is like a shelter
Living without money, success or power I would gladly accept. Poor Powerless Weak Happy Without my family I am nothing They are my home my happness my life They are with me everywhere I go
Everyone can list off everything they want in the world List them off till everything up to the otherworld. While I can only name one such thing I could ever want What I want I could only ever say blunt(ly).
I was born into a loving family A family that pushes me and supports me no matter what They taught me about the words perfection and effort And how I may not be perfect now but it doesnt mean Im not close to it
Family is special. My parents love me so dear. I couldn't live without family. They need to be near.   I love my grandma's cooking, And a good Sunday family meal. I love my cousins and aunts,
The people who have encouraged you and loved you since day one, they are your family. Family Matters. These are the people telling you not to give up when you want to throw in the towel.
One day can go by But not more than one I express necessity for her Someone greater held on I could have lost her
Who?What?Where?   Stranded on island. That I simply can not bare. Who should I rely on when times get rough.
One thing I just could not live without? A picture of my family, without a doubt. All of us, all four, plus the dog. Our smiles bright, clear, out of the fog.   Some may ask, why not take them with you?
Family is what i can't live without, There is no doubt. Picks me up when im week, From them is the guidiance I seek. With me through thick and thin, Without them I can not win. Don't misunderstand Bud,
Hyphnos no longer holds me in his embrace His son, morph the sandman dream into nightmares I wake startled, am not home A country ruled by the Ares of a government
I bleed bloodI cry tearsBut family gon be family after all these yearsI beg and i pleadI've been blind but now I seeWhats I want isn't whats best for meWhen the water runs dry
I am Kayla Aleta Canada. The name Kayla means pure and beloved. Aleta means truthful, derived from Alethia, the Greek goddess of truth.  Yeah, my last name’s Canada, but no, I’m not from Canada. My ancestors are actually from Ireland.
I am from the city of trees I am from family get togethers with evening barbeques roasting lamb kabobs. I am from spending the summer at Grandparents, gaining 10lb eating grandmas delectable cookies.  
I want my family back together I hear anger busting out like a dynamite exploding I just want my family back You splitting up act like nothing happen I just want my family back
I suppose I'm living good now
As tears slowly fell from her eyes  The paper written with our next future step
I left her  Afraid scared and alone.  My guardian angel needs me.  I did not know my heart was her home.  I felt I could fight alone,  But I proved I am weak broken and a wreck.
  My family and I Are all very close The 7 of us Go day by day living life   Experiencing new Georiga And all the fun things to do We love living here And being together  
You begin to ponder wondering how shadows move among us like a good friend.   Yesterday you gave me water to drink I was thirsty feeling dry speechless too.
I've been looking for myself, looking all around, I tried to check the bin, but they cleared the lost &
I've never really believed in love because when I was younger I heard my dad say, "let's just stay together for the kids" behind closed doors, and my mom agreed with him for the first time in a long time                                          
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