Back to a Light

Life thought to be good till one week it happened. 

Early on, common space violated

shared space that has an agreement

broken by her because she thought she was better. 

Anxiety triggered, a speech that was broken.

struggles to talk, reaching out for help.

Medication needed, therapy more than ever. 

A move to a new place, but depression creeping over.

Darkness overwhelming, light wanted

A friend made. Support created. 

Life continuing through the year. 

Speech fixed and improved. 

Family for the summer with an unknown.

Summer same. Never home. 

Always working. Always adjusting. 

Back to school. With more support. 

A pet, my best friend

Merlin there through stress, unwanted anxiety

and depression.

New found peace until

untold stories were spoken.

Hidden truths to keep a peace.

But home again for happiness.

A new change taking place

so that the family will be happy too.

A major change that shows a wisdom. 

Insanity long gone, coming back

to a healthy mind.

Happy habits returning

A true person long gone from the stupidity of one,

back to face a reality that is better. 

A darkness almost gone for a light

to embrace the person that was. 


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