My Guardian Angel

I've heard people speak of angels

Some describe their features as such


They are young women

Beautiful, youthful, pure, and fair

They adorn shining halos and silky soft wings

Ringing bells and bird song cannot compare

For their voices are lighter and soothing

They are always there, but rarely seen


These guardian angels

Supposedly all are perfect

Supposedly all are without flaw


I've heard people speak of angels

But what I have been told, I beg to differ

My guardian angel

I describe her features as such


She is quite aged

Wrinkled, round, frail, and sometimes ill

She has no halo, and she has no wings

Her voice is not smooth, sometimes off key

And sometimes it lisps between her missing teeth

She is always here, and cannot hide


This guardian angel

Very far from perfect

Very far from flawless


However, this guardian angel of mine

I would never ask to alter her

She is the best angel I could ever ask for

And here is why


Although she is old

Her heart is still young


Although she is round

Her hugs are the best


Although she is not pure

She is far, far from evil


Although she is frail

She has been there for the me who was weak


Although she is not with a shiny halo, soft wings, or a smooth voice

Nana, I am certain, is my guardian angel

One of a kind

This poem is about: 
My family


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